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Stepping Out Into Spring full of Love  

A ‘Spring Story’ by Shelley Lewis.

Spring is a time when our spirit is in full bloom. The sun is warming our body and mind, preparing us for those long days of summer.

If we are city dwellers, the promise of the ocean and dipping our feet into the crystalline waters of some far-flung destination fills us with reverie.

Beyond the pretty paisley skirts and sailor stripes, spring is the perfect season for cultivating our best self. Our minds are filled with hope and possibility, re-awakening our deepest desires and new thought processes, inspiring new ways of being in the world.

This season so fragrantly reminds us that we stand at the threshold of life. We are constantly transforming and evolving. As we move into that aspect of ourselves that allows for the ultimate expression of who we are, let’s make sure we welcome the following checklist into our lives to help honor this season of renewal.

Clear emotional clutter.

  • All past wishes. To outgrow old limitations, bring out all past wishes so they can be transformed. Work within yourself to detect and detach from old heartaches, keeping your eye on all new and emerging possibilities.What is it that you truly want? Write it down on a beautiful white card and display it proudly on your desk.
  • Stand tall. Let the light of these long days eclipse any inner shadow. Find the courage to walk through whatever frightens you. Think of the earth and standing barefoot in the grass, taking in the energy from the ground, strengthening you and affirming your belief in what is possible in your life now.

This is the perfect time to practice being mindful. It only takes a couple of conscious breaths to bring us back into the moment.

  • Awareness of Being. Indulge your senses in a plentiful way. With the beauty of the outdoors attracting our attention, we are less inclined to focus on our self-story and what worries us, and more inclined to pay attention to the beauty of our immediate environment and appreciate the beauty of nature. This is the perfect time to practice being mindful. It only takes a couple of conscious breaths to bring us back into the moment. Take a walk in the park, close your eyes, listen to the sounds of the children playing, the birds singing, the sun shining down on your forehead. Any time we draw our awareness to the here-and-now, we open the door to deeper understanding, illuminating deeply-held personal truths and revealing misconceptions that may have caused us suffering.
  • Sensing and Noting. The practice of sensing and noting what is going on around us is a powerful antidote to our multi-tasking nature, which takes us away from the moment. Enjoy the beautiful scents of the season. Freshly cut green grass has been proven to induce feelings of contentment and happiness, the harmonious scent of lavender is known to work wonders on stress and anxiety or the sweet scent of jasmine oil which elevates the mood. The practice of getting in touch with our senses helps us see more clearly. In each moment, there can be a new beginning.

Think green! Eat green! There’s no better time to detoxify from the inside out in order to find that radiant glow.

  • Connection to the elements. As we awaken our inner most expressions of joy, remember nature. Our environment plays a huge factor in our well-being. Think green! Eat green! There’s no better time to detoxify from the inside out in order to find that radiant glow. Eat salads packed with spring herbs and produce of the season, large salads with asparagus and artichoke to stimulate the digestive system and cleanse the organs. Try Cilantro. According to Marina Storm, contributor to Live the Process and founder of Village Farm Herbs, cilantro is a natural ‘detoxifier’ that excels at removing heavy metals from the body and is a great remedy for enhancing digestive functions. Or try Oregano, a powerful anti-bacterial herb packed with antioxidants which help you stay healthy and, according to recent studies, rivals the effects of penicillin. Apparently it makes a great tea if you feel that you are getting sick.

As we feel lifted in our own spirits, we can take pleasure in being there for others. Our smiles are easy to catch and also easy to share.

  • Beauty is Grace. To love involves being present. Connecting with others helps us savor the most important aspect of being alive. Though the stresses and strains of constantly being connected can take a toll on our well-being and our relationships, the spring makes it easier for us to focus on what makes life meaningful. Practice deep listening with those around you, and give them the gift of your compassion. As the Scottish author Ian Maclaren said, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  As we feel lifted in our own spirits, we can take pleasure in being there for others.
  • Light up someone’s day. Make a compliment to a stranger, light up someones day with a display of affection, remember all the small and meaningful connections woven into the fabric of our daily lives that make up our life’s experience. Everything we do and choose has an impact. The spring season invites us to step into the totality of our life more fully. As summer approaches, a period, which is according to the dictionary, “is a period of fruition, fulfillment, happiness, or beauty,” let us use this season to embrace the light of our own inner beauty. Ultimately, individual beauty rests in one’s lightness of being, it is the flourishing of one’s own unique charm and charisma. The trend of inner beauty  and how we apply it, is a trend guaranteed never to fade with the seasons..

And, yes if this summer season is destined to bring new love into your life, you will be perfectly prepared!

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Shelley Lewis

Shelley Lewis is an entrepreneur designing forward-thinking lifestyle brands in publishing, wellness, and the arts with the mission to help people live well. A passionate traveller and humanitarian her latest venture, Sacred Space NY, is a bespoke lifestyle company offering inner guidance practices and techniques to help clients de-stress and find more equanimity and balance in their lives. She splits her time between New York and London.

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