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Look well after a long travel

Get ready for your super-travel-pouch.

In order to travel well, you’d better be prepared. Or have a little bit of mileage. Since I qualify for the mileage part, I want to share a list of essentials you need to pack in your carry-on.

Rule number 1
If your flight lasts longer than 3 hours, wear compression socks (or stockings if you can stand them). They’re not that fun to wear, but think about your legs and how they will thank you later!

Rule number 2
Get ready for your super-pouch.

  • Make-up remover wipes for the face. Barbara Gould carries an ultra-light model for travel. I recommend this especially if you happen to travel by night. This will clean up your skin before you apply a hydrating cream.
  • Any hydrating cream of your choice will do, as long as it has a travel size available.
  • Hand sanitizer is a requirement.
  • Hydrating hand cream, travel size.
  • Lip balm. I unconditionally love the Bioderma Hydrating Stick  with protection and repair effects.
  • Mini nail file to avoid the frustration brought to you by a broken nail.
  • Ear plugs. They allow you to disconnect from the plane background noise. Immediate relaxation guaranteed!
  • If your nose gets dry during long flights, pack a saline spray. It is easy to find in travel size.
  • Green tea-bags or herbal tea bags. Hot tea is always welcome. I am a fan of Kusmi Tea and its brand of DETOX tea. Its muslin tea-bags are easy to pack and I always carry 4 or 5 of them in my bag.

Enjoy your flight!

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