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REVIVE by Frank Lipman, M.D., & Mollie Doyle

Revive book by Frank Lipman. Stop feeling spent and start living again.

Frank Lipman’s book was a real inspiration for me, and helped me adjust my routine in the most effective way.
It’s easy to feel exhausted when you live in a big city, in my case New York City.
This exhaustion is sometimes compared to a new disease linked to our over-active lives.
To quote the author, who perfectly describes this new condition, we are all ‘ spent ’ by the exhausting pace of life.

“On a daily basis, most of us don’t get enough vital nutrients, sleep, or appropriate exercise. We sit too much, watch TV too much, and eat too much. Then, there is the cocktail of hundreds of man-made toxins, from our cleaning products to the products we put on our skin, to the chemicals in our food and water.”

“In an endless variety of ways, we are distorting our natural genetic blueprint of living.”

If you feel ‘spent’, you may exhibit the following symptoms:
waking up tired, chronic exhaustion, poor digestion, trouble losing weight, having the feeling of being sick too often…
Frank Lipman spent more than twenty years researching the topic, and developed a program detailing real solutions to gain your energy back and feel well. His six-week method aims at ‘cleaning’ a body which is disconnected from its natural rhythm.

“The Spent program will help nudge you and your unique body back into rhythm. (…)
This process of returning to your natural genetic rhythm is not a thirty-day-lose-weight, look-great-for-a-party-trick. It is about making a profound change.”


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