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Clean is Cute with Birdie by OLIKA

Ever wonder how many billions of germs crawl on metal subway poles? If our eyes could zoom in, we’d gasp to behold the invisible creatures that coat our palms. The bottle of hand sanitizer in our purse pockets might save the day, but not without leaving a sticky residue and the piercing smell of alcohol.

Enter Birdie by OLIKA, the fun-sized, fragrant sanitizing spray that comes equipped with ten dry wipes.

Birdie and Duckie

OLIKA’s co-founders cousins Perkin were inspired when they noticed hospitals using a premium hand sanitizer to protect their hands. They spotted a white space in the market: no sanitizing product offered its users an innovative, enjoyable experience.

With this vision in mind, CEO and co-founder Jessica Postiglione designed the sleek, ever-functional Birdie. A lot of research went into Birdie’s creation, which included testing over 20 different scents. Drawing inspiration from her own Nordic travels, she gave Birdie its minimalist design.

Birdie usage

The result is an interactive 2-in-1 product that will forever alter the way you sanitize your hands.

Birdie is the perfect addition to any lunch box, shoulder bag, kitchen counter, or coffee table. With each spritz, the smell of cool spearmint, lemon, and bergamot lingers behind. You (and your kids) will look forward to getting your hands dirty, just for an excuse to twist and spray this soothing cleanser.

Birdie in love

Cleaning your hands doesn’t have to be unpleasant. In fact, Birdie by OLIKA is making clean look cute, and this is just the start.

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Meet Birdie here:

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