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Pzizz: Sleep at the Push of a Button

It’s time to lie down and take a nap. Pull off your shoes, remove your jacket, let yourself sink into the soft cushions of your couch, your chair, your bed. Lean back, close your eyes, and let the weight of your eyelids push you into a deep, heavy slumber. Feel your fingers and toes relax, pull your breath from deep in your chest, and let it out. Melt.


Oh no, you forgot to feed the cats!

And maaaybe you should respond to Anna’s email now, it will just take a few seconds.

Ugh! You really don’t like this scratchy blanket – you should switch out.

No, shhh, relax. Go to sleep.

As it turns out, the main cause of insomnia is the inability to quiet prodding thoughts. At night, our restless minds tangle and knot, and we simply cannot unwind. Last year, the CDC declared insomnia a public health epidemic.

Then, Rockwell Shah decided to invent Pzizz, a magical app that quiets your mind, and it has saved lives.

For ten years, Rockwell worked in and around the medical software community in L.A. He started to learn about the quirks of healthcare, and how prevention really centered around three main pillars: nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Until recently, society and the marketplace have placed emphasis on nutrition and exercise, leaving sleep as a distant third priority.

However, Rockwell noticed a new, developing trend: more people and businesses were beginning to focus on sleep. Studies have revealed that the American economy has been losing $63 billion a year due to general sleep deprivation. As a result, companies like AETNA started paying their employees to track their sleep, rewarding them when they’d gotten a regular night’s rest.

Big names like Amazon and Facebook were feeding the movement, as well. They declared their support for Thrive Global, founded by Arianna Huffington and inspired by her book, The Sleep Revolution. Noticing all of this, Rockwell decided it was the right time to supplement the growing effort.


Now, Pzizz is putting everyone to sleep.

His secret is music.

Think about it: when you hear dance music, its catchy beat and lively sounds inspire you to dance. When sad music comes on, its melancholic melody and depressed rhythm slow you down. Similarly, Pzizz has engineered a formula of sounds and music to finally let you slumber. Rockwell likes to call it “a very advanced, modern lullaby.”

Pzizz has its own team of scientists who investigate studies on Psychoacoustics, the experimental psychology that examines the effect of sound on our minds.

He also stresses that Pzizz is “very allergic to new age nonsense.” Refusing to waste his time on pseudo-science, Rockwell’s solution doesn’t generate false hope and disappointment. No, he noticed the demand for a good night’s rest and has stopped at nothing to ensure that the Pzizz treatment is based on credible research.


Pzizz has its own team of scientists who investigate studies on Psychoacoustics, the experimental psychology that examines the effect of sound on our minds. After translating the literature into actionable material, they use it to engineer combinations that induce dream states, and create scripts to pair with forms of clinical sleep hypnosis.

My vision is to someday create music for productivity

The best thing about it, though, is that this treatment has no side effects. Until Pzizz, there wasn’t anything to actually help insomnia that did not also feature a menu of unwanted reactions. “With Pzizz, the only side effect is sleep.”


Rockwell has struck gold with his discovery of functional music. “My vision is to someday create music for productivity,” he shared. “A lot of businesses have open office floorplans that expose workers to a lot of noise… I want to create a music that can increase focus.” You can even look into some of their prototypes of focus music on SoundCloud.

Everybody needs sleep. That’s why Rockwell and the people behind Pzizz are inspired to keep working. They have received a flood of positive tweets, Facebook posts, and messages thanking them for re-gifting sleep to the world, and they are not about to stop now.

With Pzizz, get sleep at the push of a button.

Lani Allen

Lani Allen is a graduate of Columbia University’s Non-fiction Creative Writing program. After serving as Vice President of her class for two years, she contributed written pieces and illustrations to many on-campus publications. As a writer with a passion for beauty, Lani enjoys capturing the stories of innovative thinkers and risk-takers shaping the industry as we know it.

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