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Linné Botanicals feed your skin

The science behind nature’s essentials

We can find all the essentials of life in nature. What we can’t go out and harvest for ourselves, small-batch luxury skincare line Linné Botanicals has researched, extracted, and formulated for us in purely botanical potions. Named after the Swedish botanist Carl Von Linné, the skincare line has been designed with a step-by-step classification system, for optimal results and a routine that is as easy as it is effective.

Founder Jenna Levine draws her inspirations from her medical upbringing, a passion for botany and science, and a well-researched belief in the efficacy of what nature has to offer. Linné’s additive-free, cruelty-free products highlight a cornucopia of wild-harvested, native, and organic plant-based ingredients and minerals which are all optimized sans-laboratory.

Feed your skin



Beauty and Well-Being’s Favorites
For Summer:

Clarifying Kit

For Everyday On-the-Go:

Refresh Face Mist / Smooth Body Balm

The Superstar:

Balance Face Oil

Use the code BWB15 for a special 15% off promotion ( + free shipping ) when you order online at Linné Botanicals until June 28th!

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