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Clarins Body Fit

The new generation of Clarins slimming products.

Body Fit from Clarins is our summer must-have.

This Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert is part of a new generation of slimming products from a brand that has over 60 years of expertise in its field. Just in time for shorts and bikinis, this fresh cream-gel hybrid visibly smoothes and “lifts” to streamline the silhouette. With a cocktail of 7 active plant ingredients that target the production of cellulite, we have no doubt that the new generation of Clarins slimming products will make our skin feel supple and firm. 

For even better results, massage the serum using upward motions, starting with your ankles and lifting up along the leg. As you splash in the waves and absorb the warm rays, keep these tips in mind to preserve those pretty legs:

  • If you plan to spend more than three hours on a plane, travel with compression socks.
  • When strolling along the beach at sunset, try to walk with your feet lightly immersed in the sea – the cold water is better for the circulation.
  • Finally, after washing off your sandy day, finish your shower with cooler water on your legs.
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