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Our Go-To Well-Being Guide a French book review

Debunking misconceptions about healthy living

Is there such a thing as a “bilious attack”? Does hair grow back with a vengeance after you cut it? Does puberty start earlier and earlier? Does the removal of the gall bladder lead to an impaired digestion process?

Written in French and sprinkled with wit and a good sense of humor, Professor Jacques Belghiti’s book “Tant Qu’on A La Santé” reviews the most recent international studies about some three hundred conventional medical beliefs regarding the body, diseases, sexuality, diet, allergies, sleep, addictions, to name a few. From trivial to serious questions, we get to the roots of these beliefs, we learn how to better defend ourselves against diseases and to get rid of unnecessary medications.

This is our go-to guide for a better daily approach to our health and well-being. Here are a few excerpts selected and translated by Beauty and Well-Being:

Are tick bites harmless?
True and False

During the summer, there is a higher risk to be bitten by a tick, a small insect which feeds on animal blood and resides mostly in gardens and forests. Nothing to worry about unless the tick carries the Lyme disease which could develop into a serious condition several years after incubation (heart, joints, rheumatological, skin or neurological problems).


Protect the arms and legs while you walk in the forest or gardens. At the end of the day, check to make sure there are no ticks on your body. If you find one, do not try to « pull it off » or to sedate it with ether but use tweezers (or a tick-tweezer) and grab it at its base, then turn slowly to force the tick to let go. Make sure to keep the tick in order to have it analyzed. If a red halo forms, the doctor will prescribe an antibiotics treatment.

Is one night enough to catch up with sleep?

While on vacation or during a week-end, we stay up late thinking that the next day will allow you to catch up with sleep. And we are wrong!


Even when you are vacationing, try to get enough sleep and do not think that a nap will help you to catch up with the lack of sleep you have accumulated. The nap compensates for the afternoon drowsiness and should not last more than fifteen minutes in order not to disturb the internal clock.

Blue eyes need more protection because they are more fragile.

The iris, which is the colored part of the eye, is formed by several layers of pigments. The surface ones provide the color of the eye and do not absorb as much light if they are clear. But the protective layer is the second one which protects the retina and this one is totally opaque.


Dark eyes are not less fragile than clear eyes. In any case, wearing good quality sunglasses is required to protect the eyes from the sun.

Having an empty stomach helps against motion sickness.

Pitching, rolling or veering can trigger motion sickness especially for children. The symptoms usually are getting pale, sweaty and nauseous. The preventive no food diet does not work. On the contrary, because in case of nausea leading to vomiting, the vomiting becomes quite painful because of the acid reflux.


Have a light meal without fat or dairy products. Better position yourself so that you can look far ahead in the distance.

Some people attract mosquitoes more than others.

If mosquitoes “love” you, it’s not because of the sweetness of your blood but because of the taste of your skin. Among their favorites are pregnant women, athletes, and beer drinkers! The heat activates the mosquito’s smell receptors; sweat and the smell of some alcohols attract them.


Use naturally repellent aromas such as citronella.

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