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Your Home Gadgets are Now Your Office’s Best Friend

Consider bringing or purchasing a few helpful tools that will ensure the transition from your makeshift home office to your real office isn’t a rough one. 

As the light at the end of the tunnel glimmers brighter and brighter, normalcy is peaking just around the corner. For the past year, our homes have evolved into the nucleus of our lives in unprecedented ways. Our dens transformed into home gyms, our bedrooms doubled as relaxation spas, and our dining rooms became our offices. Along the way, we’ve learned to upgrade these spaces to fit accordingly to their new roles. From buying more fitness equipment to adding elements of relaxation, new gadgets seem to be floating around every corner.

But, as we make our way back to our real offices, what will happen to our homes? If there’s anything that we’ve learned during the pandemic, it’s that relaxation and work do not have to exist in mutually exclusive worlds. In fact, it can be beneficial when they can coexist to create a healthier work-life balance. So, as we return to our offices on 5th Avenue, let’s bring a few helpful tools that ease the transition from makeshift home office to real office.

Hey Dewy Humidifier

This humidifier is a petite ball of hydration power. The small size makes it easily transferable from your home office to your actual office. What’s more, it delivers benefits beyond compare. Normalcy still means keeping your skin moisturized.

Shiatsu Massager

For good reason, the demand for a massage was at an all-time high during the past year. The availability for professional help, however, was scarce. Fortunately, shiatsu massagers exist. Thanks to the heated pads and multiple settings, these massages make it easy to get one anytime, anywhere.

Adjustable Laptop Stand

If there’s one thing that didn’t change during the pandemic, it’s that staring at a computer from an angle still remains awful for your neck. Coming to the rescue are adjustable laptop stands that give ease to our neck cramps.

Ring Lights

Just because we’re going back to the office doesn’t mean virtual meetings won’t be a thing. That being said, the ring light has proven itself a vital player in the office, as the LED light keeps us looking fresh and illuminated.

Meditation Set

Taking time to yourself before, during, and after the workday is an essential task. Designating a particular time and space for meditation can easily boost work performance by reducing stress and anxiety. As a result, a meditation set is not a tool that should be overlooked.

Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses seemed to work their way into the mainstream during the pandemic, as there wasn’t much to do other than stare at screens all day. That being said, protection from the blue light emitted from our screens in the office is still at an all time high necessity.

Isiah S. Magsino

Isiah Magsino ventured from the West Coast to NYC to study and pursue a career in journalism. He began his career during his senior year at Fordham University, covering fashion parties for Vogue, and has since ventured into other realms such as luxury travel and wellness. Isiah believes in curating one’s life properly and strives to cultivate a life filled with beauty, patience, and mindfulness.

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