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Coworking Spaces Transforming the Office Landscape

Whether you’re looking for a change of environment or community, you’ll be able to find a new home among these diverse office alternatives. Explore our selection of spaces curated just for you!

As remote and freelance work options become more prevalent, our traditional definition of an “office space” has changed.  Fortunately, new companies are emerging to adapt to the shift in workspace needs. Our team has researched a number of innovative alternatives to those loud coffee shops or lonely guest room desks. Explore our selection of spaces curated just for you!


Branded as “a place you join as an individual, but where you become part of a greater ‘we,’” WeWork has made it their goal to foster communities among their offices. They offer a full range of rental coworking options for larger companies, such as custom office building, floor build-outs, and private offices. If you are part of a smaller agency, a freelancer or a part-time worker, you can rent  desks or space among the shared co-working, too. Since being founded in 2010, WeWork has expanded across both North and South America as well as internationally through countries including France, Israel, and Japan.


The co-founders of Spacious‘ wanted to find spaces that would offer users lower monthly costs and daytime hours. They did it by transforming restaurants and bars that are underutilized during the day into office spaces. Their refreshing and eco-friendly take on coworking is accessible for under $150 a month, and members can choose from a growing list of locations that offer free high speed wifi, unlimited coffee and tea, and power at every seat – no reservation required! There are also spaces reservable for team meetings and off-sites.

Christine Urban, an account manager who loves working out of Spacious, describes what appeals to her most about their locations, “it blends the vibes of working at a cafe with a coworking space. Every location has a very relaxed vibe, with music playing and people talking at “coffee shop levels,” so I feel really comfortable working there. I think I get too self-conscious in quieter, more professional spaces to the point where I can’t get any work done because I’m too worried about how much noise I’m making.

Though they started in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Jersey City, the company has already expanded to San Francisco and has plans to continue growing exponentially. And yes, membership allows you access to every Spacious location! Curious to check it out? Spacious offers a free week trial and options for members to bring guests.

The Wing

Self described as “your throne away from home,” The Wing creates spaces for women to pursue their goals and build community together. Co-founder Audrey Gelman was inspired by her need for “a base in the city that wasn’t a Starbucks.” Her community work spaces offer a modern, rose-tinted take on Women’s Clubs of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The Wing hosts regular events such as film screenings, embroidery, and flower arranging classes, as well as conversations with prominent figures like Kirsten Gillibrand. The Wing offers two membership options: location-specific or all-access.

The Wing founders Audrey Gelman

Cody McBurnett, owner and creative director of Loki Loki, explains what she loves about The Wing, “The reason I chose The Wing specifically is because it offers so much more than a desk away from home: the events are amazing (I’m on my way to a watercolor class as I write this and last week Hillary Clinton spoke), the scenery is inspiring (as a brand identity designer, it’s very on-brand for me to be in a chic space), and the community is unmatched—they are my peers, my neighbors, and even some of my idols, and many are also my ideal clients and collaborators,” something that’s important to her as a brand identity designer for many woman-owned businesses.

Seating at The Wing

The amenities go above and beyond what you might expect from an office space. She continues, “On top of all the above, there are fabulous products in the beauty rooms, a lot of different options for seating, a lactation room (I’m no longer nursing, but I love knowing it’s there!), decent food options, great playlists, a friendly atmosphere, and between the Byredo candles and fresh flowers, it even smells great.

“I love the atmosphere at The Wing; being around so many woman-identifying movers-and-shakers is invigorating,” she continues.

As they continue to grow and build several new locations in New York and D.C., it’s easy to see why The Wing is a popular home base for many women.


NeueHouse‘s website positions their space as “a home for the creative and the curious.” This private community of creative entrepreneurs and teams offers its members more than just a work space. They boast unique experiences, personalized services and “opportunities that foster new ideas and important associations.” Their membership options are diverse, and include amenities ranging from access to their communal floors to dedicated desks and private offices.

“NeueHouse provides its members with not only a dedicated workspace, but also an experience centered around design, hospitality, programming and membership. NeueHouse members are leaders in various industries including, but not limited to, film, fashion, architecture, arts, and more – creating a unique, innovative community,” a representative of the space explained.


Whether you’re looking for a new office space, a social environment, or a creative community, explore these diverse office alternatives and find your new home.

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