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10 Must-Have Wellness Products for the Home

Our top ten favorite wellness tools to keep around the house.

Wellness comes in many forms. It’s the foods you eat, the products you use, the books you read, and everything you keep around you. Curating a wellness space is essential to maintaining your health and preventing future health complications. While there are not many things in your control when it comes to the pandemic, you are in control of your own well-being. There are plenty of ways to boost your immune system and improve your overall health that go beyond what you eat or how you exercise. Like plenty of other things, wellness starts at home.

Read below to explore BWB’s top ten favorite wellness tools to keep around the house, listed from least to most expensive. Learn how to convert your office, your bed or your living room into a healthy living space.

EMF-Blocking Household Wallpaper, $20

Your body is constantly being bombarded with free radicals and radiation from your surroundings. In addition to using blue light protection on your personal devices, you can also use radiation-protecting wallpaper in your home. This household item protects you from radiation that is emitted by mobile phone and Wi-Fi networks throughout your neighborhood. Reducing exposure to radiation will help prevent long-term health effects like cancer or cardiovascular disease.

Hot Water Bottle, $20

The foundation of every wellness routine is a good night’s sleep. If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night because of cold feet or stomach cramps, a hot water bottle is your saving grace. Like any other other household staple, a hot water bottle is an essential purchase that you’ll always be happy to have around the house.

Place the bottle on your solar plexus to optimize liver functions. Place by your feet when going to bed to help fall asleep by drawing blood down, away from the head.

Insoles, $30-$36

Compared to your skincare regimen or haircare routine, taking care of your feet might be a little far down on your self-care list. Over quarantine, Bastien Gonzalez gave us some of his expert insider tips for foot massage, pedicures, and nail health. While these are great things to do at home, it’s important to continue caring for your feet when you’re on the go. Wellness practices are often preventative measures that we take to ensure that health complications don’t arise. As such, adding insoles to your shoe closet is a must for preventing foot disorders. If you’re a New Yorker who walks a lot, insoles are a great way to absorb some of the pressure and prevent foot pain.

Getting a thermoformed insole that is just right for your feet will positively impact posture, hip alignment and back.

Foam Roller, $35

Stiff from sleeping or sore from exercise? There’s no reason why you should have to endure tight muscles or uncomfortable knots. Whether you’re someone who is active often or someone who performs light movement every day, a foam roller is a useful tool for increasing muscle flexibility and mobility. On BWB, we speak often about aging gracefully when it comes to skin. But when it comes to your body, the best way to age gracefully is by maintaining spinal strength and flexibility. Let’s roll!

Don’t roll too fast. When you feel a painful spot, stay there for 10 to 20 seconds, inhaling and exhaling deeply, and then move on.

Nebulizing Diffuser, $99

Essential oils are a quick and easy way to materialize your intention whenever you need it. Lacking focus? Try a bright citrus. Unwinding after a stressful day? Lavender is your best friend. A nebulizing diffuser in particular can make all the difference when it comes to aromatherapy. With no water to dilute the oils, heat that could impact the efficacy, or plastic that may release harmful chemicals, the Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser will make all the difference.

Acupressure Mat, $140

During the pandemic, we’ve discovered plenty of new wellness tools to bring the spa experience to the home. Can’t get a massage anytime soon? Relax, recover, and relieve pain with an acupressure mat designed to ease tension trapped in the body. Unlike a massage that applies pressure from the epidermis down to the tissues, an acupressure mat will stimulate the epidermis to provoke blood flow from the tissues and organs up. Whether you’re an athlete with tight muscles or a yogi looking for a new tool to add to your practice, an acupressure mat is a great resource to add to your daily routine or meditation.

Lay the mat down on your mattress. Start small – around 5 to 10 minutes. Trust that the initial discomfort will recede after a few minutes.

For beginners, the silicone mat from marma mat is a great option to get a feel for acupressure before you graduate to firmer, more intense mats. Once you upgrade to something like the wood marma mat, you can work up to the firmness by using socks to cushion the board. The marma mat triples as a fitness mat, an acupressure mat and a self-massage mat so you can become your own massage therapist. Purchase online on their website, or find one in store. Check out Lost & Found in Hollywood or Santa Monica and The Local Juice in Cape Cod. 

Saddle Chair, $158

Improve your sitting ergonomics with the Humantool Saddle Chair, which relieves tension in the back by encouraging you to engage various muscles during your work day to maintain an upright position.Start using incrementally, about 10 minutes, and move your way up as comfort grows. Recovering pelvic mobility is key.

Therapy Lamp, $180

If you’ve never considered yourself a morning person, perhaps you’ve been relying on the wrong kind of alarm to wake up in the mornings – as many of us currently are! Swap out loud, scary noises that jolt you awake with a warm, soft light that steadily increases in brightness instead. This therapy lamp mimics the sun rising to gently wake you up in the mornings. Similarly, ease into your evening sleep with the sunset setting, which will gradually decrease the light feature of the lamp. A selection of sounds are also available for those of us who rely on auditory stimulation as well. How you begin and end your days will dramatically influence your overall well-being.

I love that these work as a clock, lamp and gentle alarm all in one! Plus, the glassy white looks so chic on the nightstand.

Weighted Blanket, $196

Sometimes, no matter how tired we are, we are unable to fall asleep. Relax the restlessness of your mind and body with the Calming Blanket. These blankets put anywhere from 5 to 20 lbs on top of you, depending on your individual weight. The pressure from weighted blankets has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety while you sleep. The feeling and physical effects are not too dissimilar from that of being held, when there is an increase in serotonin and melatonin, and a decrease in cortisol. The softness from the velvety exterior doesn’t hurt either!

It feels like being physically hugged! The emotional security allows me to have a sound night of sleep, every night.

Standing Desk, $270

As we continue to adjust to the new work-from-home norm thanks to COVID-19, finding well-being in our professional lives is more important than ever. In this day and age, sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen for 8+ hours has become the standard. Consequently, many of us now struggle with chronic back pain, increased blood sugar levels, and grogginess, to name a few. One of the best things you can do to improve your health and well-being is to invest in a standing desk. From reduced back and neck pain to weight loss to improved mood and productivity, a standing desk will completely change the way you work.

Move move move. Sitting is the new smoking.

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