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Healthy and Beautiful Subscription Boxes for the Family

There are many ways to show your support to a friend or a family member who is about to embark on the journey of motherhood.

From baby showers to birthday milestones or just the fun of celebrating a great family you know, it’s always appreciated when we receive a special something from a friend, partner or family member. Many of you already know that pregnancy and being a mum can be a physical and emotional roller coaster. One day you are feeling at your best, radiant as a goddess, and, the next day, you feel tired and not exactly in the running for the #bestmumoftheuniverse award.

If you’re invited to one of these celebrations that often follow the wonderful news and are tired of offering the same baby onesies. If you want to get pampered or support your beloved friend with an original present that can help an expecting mama and her family, Beauty and Well Being has found a modern subscription both you and your friends will love.

From the comfort of her own home, she will receive a box full of well-prepared and thoughtful goodies to feel great and help raise her family.

Subscription boxes have been booming for the past few years, offering an array of choices from DIY kits and cooking boxes to stylish clothes and make up. Well, mummy’s world hasn’t escaped from this trend.

Here are our favorite subscriptions for the whole family:

Mama Bird Box


Mamabird Co. sends your way a cute box with all you need to take care of yourself, feel beautiful, and thrive at this special moment in your life.

Focusing on the stages of pregnancy, the boxes aim to help you flourish during this important time with beauty products and healthy snacks. Starting at month 3 they offer different products so you feel supported every step of the way.

Each box contains four to six well-chosen items and a motivating quote that will touch your heart. You and your friend can now discover new and healthy brands without the rush of shopping at the mall or the challenge of sifting through endless numbers of products on the internet.



This subscription is ideal if you love reading and enjoy sharing your passion for literary gems with a child, a teen, or a friend. You can now send them a selection of books every month as thoughtful way to expand their knowledge, love for words, and stories.

Honest Bundles

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 1.40.21 PM

Many of you may be familiar with the Honest company and their successful bundles, the first of which, they ship for free. Mums praise their eco-friendly diapers and cleaning products. The flexibility of ordering gives you the freedom to get the products you really need instead of receiving random items. But Honest also offers a great Health & Wellness Bundle. From a range of whole food based products, you may select 2 products per month. They offer a complete multivitamin panel for mums (prenatal, DHA, lactation support), dads, and kids.

Bump Style Box

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 1.49.28 PM

Observing your changing body and trying to accommodate it with your style can be a real challenge. In addition to running from store to store, it’s hard to find the perfect maternity jeans or a maternity legging that could go with your cocktail dress for tomorrow evening.

The team at Bump Style Box is there to choose pieces for you and mail them so you can try them in the comfort of your home.

Swollen feet? Not feeling like trying on clothes? They are there to adapt to your style, your pregnancy evolution, and even cravings!

They offer 4 types of boxes: a starter, maternity, nursing and basic box where you will receive all you need for a comfortable and stylish pregnancy. The starter box has delicious snacks, morning sickness remedies, and stretch mark oils and creams.

Hoppi Box


Mum and founder, Jasmine created the Hoppi Box with her child in mind. She wanted to make sure she could get the right toys for her baby’s development while celebrating the milestones and avoiding tantrums in overcrowded stores. child development experts carefully create boxes that respect those milestones and help parents make smart choices when buying toys.

Cooper and Kid


Cooper and Kid boxes are designed for bonding time between fathers and kids. Every 3 months you will receive a box full of activities, crafts, books, and projects to do with the whole family. The six to nine items are curated to be hands on, gender-neutral, educational, and fun to do as a team.

Use the code BWBTAKE10 for $10 off any 3 to 6 month subscription plan.

Photography by David Schap (featured under Cooper&Kid)
Photography by Annie Spratt (featured under GiftLit)

Anne-Sophie Devouassoux

Anne-Sophie is a French born adventurer who grew up skiing, dancing and cooking. She started making her own beauty products at age 17 and since then has been passionate about health, beauty and nature. She lives in New York City where she practices yoga and meditation and enjoys the eclectic restaurant scene of the city. As a teacher she is very curious and loves learning new skills.

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