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Pump Up The Volume

Charlotte Rocher discovers how, with a few essential tools, it’s never been easier to boost your roots.

The higher the hair, the closer to Jesus, reads the sign Hair Supremo James Pecis has laminated and hung above his workstation backstage at every show he heads up.
Indeed, the saying rang true across the four fashion capitals, from Jean Paul Gaultier to Mary Katranzou, and Peter Som to DSquared, unanimously A/W 14 was the season of Big Hair.
Perhaps it was a rebelling against fashion’s paired down colour palette, designers feeling the need to juxtapose their streamline silhouettes against gutsy volume or simply a return to the seductive 60s siren.

60s glamour was the hair influence this season.

60s glamour was the hair influence this season. At Versace and Gucci, big hair took on the attention. At Gucci, models’ hair and bangs were swept to the side, whilst the crown was lifted for a modest take on the Bardot beehive.
Meanwhile, Versace took on a similar 60s glamour hairstyle by styling the hair into smooth straight locks paired with a side parting and a slight volume boost and lift at the crown of the head.
And who doesn’t want more hair volume?
BWB shows you how to take your hair from flat to full in an instant with the essential kit you need to invest in.

The Hair Volumizers
The must-have tools to keep hair standing tall.

The Right Brush: Backstage the hair pro’s are never without their trusty Mason Pearson Boar Bris-tle Brush in their kits.
The reason why? Versatility – it creates a softer look when backcombing, minimizes any damage and the density of the bristles stimulates blood flow to the hair roots and evenly distributes the hair’s essential oils along mid-lengths to ends for strength, suppleness and a shiny finish.

Hone your Comb: To give teased hair a higher shape and to add real guts to your roots, place the tail end of the comb into each section and lift hair while you spritz the undersides of each strands with spray.
Use Denman Carbon Pin Tail Anti-Static Comb to keep flyways at bay and avoid being too hair spray happy, a fine mist should suffice as hair can start to look dry and dull with excess.

Mask It: If you’re teasing once a week or so, the pros recommend drenching hair with a rich conditioner.
Look for products with wheat proteins, starches, and lipids to bolster the cuticle and make hair smooth and supple.
For a natural alternative try Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner, a blend of 7 oils and nourishing butters.

Switch Up Your Shampoo: For an instant fix opt for a thickening shampoo that is created for fine or thinning hair.
They coat the hair with a positive electric charge that adheres to the hair’s negative charge, creating more space between each strand, which makes hair look fuller.
Use Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo, a sulphate-free, super light formula that also removes any volume-inhibiting build-up.

Biotin and niacin can do wonders for hair in a weakened state.

Supplement it: We all know the importance of vitamins for having great skin—antioxidants, vita-min B, calcium, zinc, and iron—but did you know they are equally as important for healthy hair?
Biotin and niacin can do wonders for hair in a weakened state, but you don’t get enough from regular multivitamins.
Doctors recommend at least 1,000 micrograms of biotin and 500 milligrams of niacin a day.
Try Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Renewal System for Hair Loss, which gives incredible results.

The Powder Refresh: For when you’re time poor and you need a lift, Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion is a nifty formula that transforms in your hand from a powder to a light lotion, giving limp hair a much needed boost in texture – perfect for creating that coveted bed hair. Sprinkle directly onto hair and work through with hands.

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