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Personalized Beauty At Technology’s Fingertips

Here are a few of BWB’s favorite brands that are finding ingenious yet practical ways to individualize our beauty routines through technology.

There is no question that our phones and laptops have opened up and expanded the world of beauty. We now have access to every skincare product out there, but how do we find our way through this intricate web of beauty knowledge? BWB sought out a few brands that are finding ingenious yet practical ways to incorporate technologies into their products that help determine what new things we should be considering for our beauty routines.


HiMirror has completely revolutionized the meaning of a reflection. This mirror-slash-computer has a touch screen and a camera that analyzes your skin’s condition–identifying wrinkles, dark spots, acne, sensitivities and pore size. In addition, the brand’s Beauty Box system helps you track the efficacy of your products, adjust products to current weather conditions, and even check ingredients and allergens. Need entertainment while you’re getting ready? HiMirror streams Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and connects with Amazon Alexa. There is also a HiMirror app to keep your beauty secrets close at all times.

Neutrogena: Skin360 & Skin Scanner

This innovative beauty tool is a 30x zoom lens that connects to the camera on your phone. It provides a 360-degree view of your skin to measure hydration levels, skin texture and fine lines. But don’t let your skin anxiety reach peak levels– Neutrogena’s Skin Scanner has solutions! The tool advises and designs a customized regimen for your skin’s exact needs. This process assures the best possible results with the help of Neutrogena’s products.

La Roche-Posey: My Skin Track UV

My Skin Track UV is a small device designed to clip onto your clothing, bag or any accessory. It works with the My Skin Track app in real time to measure and track your skin’s exposure to environmental enemies such as UV exposure, pollution, allergens and humidity. We at BWB love having a reminder to reapply sunblock or use an antioxidant mist to ward off those harmful free radicals.

Proven Skincare

Proven Skincare is truly the future of personalized beauty. Their Skin Genome Project researches the effectiveness of over 20,238 skincare ingredients with a scientific approach, combining algorithms and data bases. This data is used to hand-pick active ingredients to create products designed specifically for your skin and your skin only. Just fill out the the detailed questionnaire online, which cohesively covers your environment, diet, sleep habits, travel, sun exposure, skin concerns and past product experiences. Et voila!Acompletely bespoke trio of products just for you, delivered right to your door! An aesthetician is also assigned to your case to go over results and future choices. The ingredient profile is nothing short of impressive, and skincare support from a licensed professional is literally at your fingertips–what could be better?

Madison Reed

This at-home hair color brand delivers beautifully colored hair using modern technology to fully equip the at-home colorist. For only $25, you get a salon-quality color kit and a “pampered salon experience in a box” courtesy of Italian master colorists and hair care experts. Free of ammonia but full of multi-tonal shades & options, Madison Reed is the perfect resource for women who want control over their own hair transformation with the same quality of a salon. Tune in later this month to explore an interview with David Stanko, Vice President of Technical Design and Education for Madison Reed, to find out what inspired the brand and to learn how technology can influence the way we color our hair.

These forward-thinking brands prove that skincare and technology make for a beautiful combination. Download some of these helpful apps, and start incorporating beauty innovation into your everyday regimen!

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