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Kure Bazaar nail polish
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Kure Bazaar A detox for the nails in color!

Kure Bazaar is the new eco-trendy brand that everyone raves about. For the first time, a nail lacquer combines the ethics of an Eco-natural formula with the vibrant colors of fashion. Created by model Kartika Luyet and entrepreneur Christian David. Photos by Garance Doré.

Kure Bazaar is the new eco-trendy brand that everyone raves about. For the first time, a nail lacquer combines the ethics of an eco-natural formula with the vibrant colors of fashion. This relative newcomer has found its place next to the main brands of the industry like O.P.I., Essie or Chanel. Its success is the result of amazing technological innovation.  It took two years of R&D in one of the best laboratories to fulfill the challenge that was given to them – a polish created from natural ingredients that would preserve the vitality of nails, respect their natural cycle of regeneration, yet result in a luxury high-end brand.

Indeed, one look at the palette of Kure Bazaar’s multiple vibrant colors and the words fashion, glamour and chic instantly come to mind!

“Now you can have all of this with a formula that is 85% natural. It is entirely based on wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn!”

The story begins with the encounter between former Brazilian supermodel Kartika Luyet who adopted a green lifestyle when she had her first child, and Christian David who left the cosmetic industry to become an entrepreneur developing eco-natural brands. We went to Paris to meet with the co-founder of the brand, Christian David.

Kure Bazaar was born from our life experience.

Clémence Von Mueffling When did you and Kartika started to feel the ‘green’ calling?

Christian David For Kartika, it really started 7 or 8 years ago, at the birth of her first child. At that time, I was traveling a lot in the United States. We had the same “vision” as we were seeing all the nail bars in New York … we knew we wanted to create something different.

Kure Bazaar was born from our life experience. Kartika brought her knowledge of the fashion world, from backstage to catwalks, and we decided to collaborate with the fashion world in order to create different colors.

CvM What technical challenges did you have to overcome in order to finalize this nail lacquer brand?

CD We only had two choices in the beginning. We started with the first one which was a water-based formula. Unfortunately, this formula did not provide what we were expecting from a real nail lacquer. The lacquer did not meet the expectations we had in terms of shine and color. For a “Parisian” style collection, one needs the reds to be perfect. Our clients are pretty adamant when red is concerned!

Then we investigated the second formula. After two years of research, we finally managed to get a distillation of organic solvents. Our solvents do not come from derived chemical products but are natural. This is a breakthrough. It also implies many constraints. As soon as you develop a product without — in our case without chemical solvents — you encounter many problems. You need to find the perfect balance.

Our natural formulas make our colors unique and in no way comparable to other brands, it is a natural signature.

CvM The colors are like fireworks. How do you work on the choice of colors?

CD Kartika has created this connection with the backstage side of the fashion shows. It is where we get our inspiration for colors for the next seasons. We are always looking for the 1% in the shade that is going to swing the result! We are also lucky to work with star manicurists like Marian Newman. Of course our natural formulas make our colors unique and in no way comparable to other brands, it is a natural signature.

CvM What colors do you recommend to our readers for the summer?

CD There are 3 key colors for the summer.

First we have Silver: which has the look of silver threads. The top coat will have a touch of silver powder. It gives an iridescent effect on the nail. It is a color that we are going to find a lot in fashion too

Then we have Blue: Klein blue, blue with a touch of mauve. We are going to find this shade in the fashion accessories this Summer: YSL, Gucci. Finally, Orange: bright orange shades, extremely luminous.

CvM Do you have any advice about how to adopt a green way of life?

CD It is a combination of things. I watch what I eat while applying some strict rules: for example I eat a lot of vegetables. I try to maintain a  regular routine for sport and meditation. I also try to avoid chemical products in general, starting with cosmetics and detergents. Recently, I started to look for green novelties in fashion, new materials like bamboo based fabric.

CvM What are your projects for 2014 – 2015?

CD There is a project that we have been thinking about for quite a while. We want to develop a line of products for women with cancer. Thanks to a highly developed line of nail lacquer and a specialized service, we want to bring a bit of dream to these women throughout their recovery and at the same time we want to bring a real solution to the nail problem cancer patients often have.

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