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Estelle Lefebure from Paris to St. Barths

We had the opportunity to sit down and ask the supermodel all about her life, her island, and her focus on health and wellness.

Imagine the taste of cinnamon and banana between your teeth, the feeling of light satisfaction from a breakfast of oatmeal with shredded coconut and raspberries. Imagine your feet in damp, cool sand, your fingers intertwined as you stretch your waking body to the morning sky. Picking up your paddleboard, you begin to wade into the water, gentle waves breaking on your stomach. You exist only in the present, peaceful as you envision this next hour spent doing yoga on the ocean’s surface.

Estelle Lefebure is turning this vision into a reality. This famous supermodel has developed her exclusive Orahe method, which she used to curate a series of wellness retreats on the magical island of St. Barths. Her three and five-day programs focus on a set of well rounded, core principles: eat, move, and be. With paddleboard fitness and yoga, delectably nutritious menus, and special-made in-house spa treatments, Estelle’s approach to well being is nothing short of heavenly.

Guiding people towards happiness and mindfulness is just one of many things this incredible femme has accomplished in her lifetime. We had the opportunity to sit down and ask her all about her life, her island, and her focus on health and wellness.


Your book
Following the success of my two first books published in French, Mindful Beauty, the English translation of Orahe, Ma Méthode Anti-âge, is being released worldwide and I am thrilled about it.

Your years with Mixa Skin Care
It’s been a wonderful adventure that has lasted for almost twenty years – a great example of loyalty.

Your new projects in St. Barths
I am working on new photos and new collaborations… to be continued!


What you love most
I love this island because it feels like home; St. Barths is where I belong.

Favorite place for breakfast
I prepare my own healthy breakfast with fresh produce from the “Ti’ Marché,” and I follow the recipes from my books.

Go-to lunch place
I cannot wait for the Shellona Beach to open.

A night out
For dinner, I’ll go to La Guérite, which serves a delicious Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, followed by a drink at the Modjo.

Estelle Lefebure


Wellness and fitness
For a very relaxing massage while enjoying a view on the sea, go to Hotel Christopher.

Favorite places for a beauty rendez-vous
For hand and foot care as well as make-up, I go exclusively to Idalmi in St. Barth.

Favorite places for healthy juices and snacks
I highly recommend Tom Juice in Gustavia for a healthy breakfast.


Must-have skincare products
For perfect hydration of the skin, try aloe vera with bio oil.

Favorite makeup products
I love all “Couleur Caramel” brand products since they are 100% bio.

Favorite Perfume
At the moment, it has to be “First” by Van Cleef & Arpels.

Favorite sun protection creams
I use Mixa sunscreen products, which work for children and adults alike.

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A good book
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

Night cream
Essential: Christophe Robin’s intense regenerating balm with rare prickly pear oil.

What you are dreaming of these days
A TV show dedicated to well-being, lovely movie parts, and a new book.

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