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My First Ever Coloring at the Julien Farel Salon

Marris Ambrose has always been a talented artist, but she could have never predicted that the homemade hair coloring technique she developed in art school would eventually blossom into a full on career. Informed by the many years she spent painting, Marris’ genius approach is unique and effective, highlighting facial features and mimicking the natural motion of one’s hair. Color has been her passion for two decades now, and everyone is noticing.

As years went on and a few white hairs turned into a number of them, my WOW powder no longer sufficed to cover them up.

As someone highly reluctant to ever color my hair, it took this true artist’s technique to convince me otherwise. My whole life, my mother, the former Beauty editor at French Vogue, always advised me to avoid changing the color of my hair. It didn’t help that I never found spending long hours at the salon appealing. However, as years went on and a few white hairs turned into a number of them, my WOW powder no longer sufficed to cover them up. That is when I turned to Marris.

Marris’ expert hands gave me the ideal ‘touch up’.

Some good friends of mine had told me that there was a wonderful colorist at the Julien Farel Salon, one who practiced subtly and accuracy with your locks. It was perfect! Marris’ expert hands gave me the ideal ‘touch up’. The products she used had no ammonia and no peroxide. Using a gentle yet magical mixture, she coated my hair and then adding some polish, a technique that resulted in a flawless highlight. Not one white hair was able to escape her professional eye as she checked that her work was done perfectly.

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I asked Marris for some easy, do-it-yourself tips for the road:

BWB: After coloring the hair, what do you recommend to keep a nice shine?

I recommend using Julien Farel’s Restore to nourish the scalp and keep the shine.

BWB: Any do’s and don’ts that you can recommend to our readers?

Use bottled water to rinse your hair immediately after the pool or ocean to help remove chlorine and salt, respectively. Don’t forget that your hair needs essential fatty acids, so don’t think just about application – remember to include coconut oil in your diet as it’s one of the healthiest options.


At Julien Farel Salon, quality, efficiency and satisfaction combine to create the finest salon experience, especially for the busy businesswomen. They even offer a signature power-hour, in which one can receive multiple services simultaneously, such as a blowout, facial and manicure all at once. So, if you decide you need to do a little grooming and pampering, I guarantee that your time will be as luxurious as it is transformative.

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