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Brushless Beauty Revolution: Opté Precision Skincare System

Why continue clogging your pores with makeup when only some parts of your skin truly need balancing?

Using foundation to cover up imperfections can unfortunately become a vicious cycle of maintaining and multiplying your impurities. As the warm breeze of summertime begins to settle in and makeup users opt for more dewy and natural makeup looks, many brands are stripping down their foundation formulas and offering lighter alternatives infused with serums and moisturizers. Procter & Gamble Co. takes skin-conscious beauty to the next level with a perfectly personalized and specifically targeted foundation applicator that will revolutionize the way you approach your daily makeup look.

Introducing the quintessential beauty product of the future: Opté Precision Skincare System.

Why continue clogging your pores with makeup when only some parts of your skin truly need balancing? With an advanced microprocessor and the world’s smallest inkjet printer, the handheld Opté Precision Skincare System actively detects areas of hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Using a camera endowed with a contrast-intensifying blue LED light, the Opté Precision wand detects three more pigmentations than the human eye and snaps over 200 photos of your skin per second. Who knew that one day our makeup routines would include a microcomputer, a proprietary algorithm and 70,000 lines of code?

Get ready for your close-up! Whenever the camera detects an impurity, the inkjet printer gently zaps the skin spot with one billionth of a liter of an “optimizing serum,” which is specifically formulated according to the intensity of and contrast between the spot and the surrounding skin. Like an Instagram filter in real life, the handheld applicator smooths and neutralizes your complexion and gives your face a soft, flawless glow. Even better, the wand is also equipped with a moisturizer and UV-protecting serum that helps to nourish the parts of your skin that need it most. From redness and discoloration to blemishes and scars, the wand helps reduce the appearance of almost every skin affliction except for under-eye circles.

Scheduled to hit the market in 2020, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to ditch your kabuki brush and pick up Opté’s magic handheld wand instead. In just two to five minutes, you’ll have an airbrushed makeup look that lasts all day and a confidence that is timeless.

Teresa Deely

Teresa Deely is a graduate from Columbia University with majors in English and Creative Writing. She is a freelance writer and marketing assistant working for clients in the wellness, jewelry, creative, and sports industries. She believes that one’s skin is yet another canvas and vehicle for art, and has loved styling her hair and applying makeup from a young age. Spending much of her time in educating youth and leading enrichment programs for children, she is highly motivated in discovering new ways to care for herself and sharing them with others.

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