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BWB Beauty Awards: The Best Supplements to Take for an Incredible Outer Glow

Beauty starts from within.

We’re all for glowing serums and hints of highlighter. But, if you’re looking for radiance that won’t wash off, you’ll need a glow from the inside. How? Enter: supplements. Layering supplements into your diet help you do everything from regulating your gut to hydrating your cells. Ingestible beauty is a category that’s rapidly growing by the minute. As such, we’ve rounded up the 10 best new additions. We know they’ll perfectly complement your morning green juice.

Beauty Blend

We’re calling it. This beauty blend is going to be the next it supplement. In fact, it has already sold out three times. One scoop of this pearl and marine collagen-packed powder address all concerns from uneven skin tone to fragile strands. For example, over 30 trace minerals like silica, magnesium and potassium, encourage shiny hair, dewy skin and strong nails. Additionally, bioavailable amino acids help promote cellular vitality. Your morning coffee has never looked so gorgeous.

Go with the Flow

By now, you’ve probably heard that beauty starts in the gut. In other words , a congested digestive system will also clog up your skin. Sometimes, our digestive systems need a helping hand to run smoothly. Solluna by Kimberly Snyder’s Feel Good Detoxy gives you an instant glow-up and more. Further, it helps boost toxin elimination with magnesium. This magic nutrient transports oxygen through the body, loosening toxin and acidic waste in the colon. When combined with a stable vitamin C, it also helps prevent DNA damage. As a result, the supplement promotes anti-aging on a cellular level.

Internal Matters

We love retinol for its skin-firming properties, but sometime retinol doesn’t like our skin. If you are struggling with skin irritation from your retinol product, you can try a new solution: Embody’s Retinol Gummy. This yummy addition to your supplement regimen has a new apple cider vinegar flavor, which tastes like juicy apple. Designed to help promote skin cell turnover, this chewy supplement also supports healthy gut flora and helps improve digestion. Further, the ingredients include replenishing antioxidants crucial to clear skin. And luckily, skin flaking is not included.

Pure Radiance

You may have heard of Dr. Nigma Talib from one your fave celebrity shout-outs. But, we love her for her unique inside-out approach to beauty. In other words, she combines internal recommendations with external treatments. For example, her newest buzz-y launch, Beauty Cocktail, packs a powerful combo of skin-plumping electrolytes, hydrating amino acids, and gut-friendly probiotics. Further, it’s also rich in skin-loving polyphenols, carotenoids, and vitamin C. The inflammatory properties of the ingredients help target pore size, reduce scarring and calm the skin.

Safe Guard

After the year we’ve had, now is certainly the ideal time to layer an immune booster into your daily regime. PhytoQuant’s QuantaEPP grapefruit seed extract contains vital anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory phytochemicals and flavonoids. In simpler terms, these nutrients help protect against oxidative stress and kill pathogens in the digestive tract. Dilute in water throughout the day for optimum protective results — but also a calmer mind.

Power Full

We love when wellness rituals fit seamlessly into our daily routines. As such, Amodern Allchemy’s Superhuman powder is the ultimate morning kick-start. Blended with adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms and bioactive amino acids, this powder super charges your morning brew or mid-day smoothie. Unlike other bitter herb blends, this one’s spiked with antioxidant-packed monk fruit for the perfect hint of sweet. In conclusion, this is our new favorite wake-up call.

Gut Reaction

The gut-skin connection is real. As a result, nourishing your microbiome is crucial to both digestive health and a radiant complexion. Thanks to a new five-strain probiotic from Layers, you an incorporate hydrating ceramides into your diet that increase elasticity within fifteen days. Not to mention, this supplement reduces roughness, minimizes fine line, and preserves all-around suppleness. In summation, Layers takes your gut health to the next level.

Miracle Worker

If you don’t want to swallow a hundred horse pills every day, this one’s for you. Deemed a “Super Supplement,” LYMA is for people who want to address all aspects of wellness. With nine potent, clinically-researched ingredients like lycopene and ashwaganda, this superhero helps improve sleep, strengthen immunity and clear skin — all in one. And while it comes with a price tag, it’s the only one you’ll need to add to cart.

Hydration Station

Tap water what? Instead, a way cooler way to hydrate is with Zizzia’s Cactus Hibiscus Mix, which tackles dryness from the inside out. In addition, one scoop of this lemon-lime herbal punch infuses your sparkling water or tea with prickly pear and organic lime peel. For an afternoon treat, check out the brand’s nerve-calming lollies and herb-infused hard candies.

Funghi Time

Medicinal mushrooms are a holistic remedy to balance your system. For centuries, they have helped people with everything from regulating stress to increasing libido. Mushroom Design features nine immunity-boosting powerhouses like Chaga and Reishi in scientist-approved doses. The blue shade is cabbage-derived, the beads are bioavailable, and the packaging is carbon-neutral. In conclusion, this wellness addition is a super-brainer.

Zoe Schaeffer

Zoe Schaeffer is a former Condé Nast Beauty Editor who moved to Los Angeles to develop style shows for VH1 and later, fashion trend-forecasting. After opening her own boutique, Presse, she returned to her writing roots by launching a lifestyle blog, Macaroon Original, to share travel, home and wellness obsessions. Today she consults for beauty brands and freelances for sites such as Goop and The Helm. When she’s not pouring over her 1stdibs discoveries, she’s most likely planning a trip. Zoe lives in Los Angeles with her husband, dog, and three daughters, Gemma, Rafi and Cleo. Keep up on her Instagram here!

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