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Fruits Do’s and Don’ts

Let’s face it, who does not like fruits? With the power to satisfy the sweetest tooth, these guilt-free treats are loaded with vitamins, nutrients, fiber and antioxidants… making your skin radiant!
They are a panacea for health and wellness, BUT you need to follow a few simple rules to ensure their benefits are not compromised…

When too ripe, the sugar content of fruit tends to be much higher.

1- Opt for fresh, whole, and organic fruits…
If you can, it’s always best to stay away from pre-cut fruits and fruit juices… unfortunately, plenty of vitamins are lost in the process and when it comes to juices, much of the amazing fiber content is generally lost in the process.
The ripeness of the fruits is also important: make sure they are not too green or too ripe. When too ripe, the sugar content of fruit tends to be much higher.

Fruits stay longer in your stomach when eaten with other foods, creating fermentation and making you feel bloated.

2-Timing is everything in life…
This golden rule also rings true when it comes to consuming fruits! They should be eaten alone, on an empty stomach and as far away from meals as possible. Why so? Well, firstly, for better absorption, since fruits are quickly digested and their nutrients can quickly go into you blood stream. But also because they stay longer in your stomach when eaten with other foods, creating fermentation and making you feel bloated. So, for instance, even smoothies can turn into “digestive enemies” when they are milk-based, so if you cannot without milk, it is better to opt for non-dairy (vegan) milk, such as almond milk, for damage control!

Secondly, it is better to eat fruits earlier in the day, ideally first thing in the morning when your body has been fasting overnight. All their nutrients will be quickly absorbed boosting your metabolism for the entire day.
Avoid having fruits before bedtime: given their high sugar and vitamin content, they are energizing and can prevent you from getting your well-deserved beauty sleep if taken too late in the day.

3-Don’t forget the sugar content…
As healthy as fruits can be, they are also rich in fructose, which is nothing more than another form of sugar. So make sure you do not overindulge in fruits, as sugar is responsible for triggering elevated insulin levels, which lead to energy ups and downs.
Also, when triggered, insulin tells your body to store fat…so it is always best to keep its level low.

Do not over indulge on fruit and try to favour those with a low glycemic index (such as berries, apples) if you are trying to watch your weight.
If you do favor fruits with a higher glycemic index (such as bananas, mangos, papayas) make sure to choose pieces that are not too ripe.

Bottom line: think twice the next time you have a smoothie as they can be “sugar bombs” under the cover of healthy drinks: just check the sugar content on the label if you buy it… bearing in mind that sugar content should not exceed 15-20gr per serving!
If you have the time, DIY smoothies are unbeatable for the taste and you can control the sugar content… think green smoothies, BWB-style. Find the Recipe Here.

Mélanie Bird

While enjoying working at the United Nations as political affairs officer, Mélanie’s lifestyle is all about wellness, hedonism and seeing life through the eye of beauty. She loves sharing her passion for healthy lifestyle in a holistic fashion. She believes beauty and happiness come from within. “Life becomes magical when you feel and see beauty and new possibilities around“. She is also a certified health coach and yoga instructor.

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