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Patagonia Sleeping Bag, photo by Jeff Johnson via Patagonia Works

Patagonia’s Partnerships & Parkas

Join some of Patagonia’s environmental partners — and snag a pullover fleece while you’re at it!

Patagonia doesn’t want you to buy their clothes if you don’t need to. If you do, they want to make sure it lasts you a lifetime. Here’s how a clothing company takes responsibility for its carbon footprint.

Corporations contribute to 70% of the planet’s waste. In other words, big brands are particularly responsible for combating the current climate crisis. According to Patagonia, protecting the environment is not just something they do after-hours: “It’s the reason we’re in business and every day’s work.” Patagonia’s self-imposed tax reserves 1% of profits for investing in environmental grassroots nonprofits. Through Patagonia Action Works, Patagonia has partnered with hundreds of local organizations with strong civilian bases in order to protect the natural environment.

It’s the reason we’re in business and every day’s work.

At first glance, Patagonia’s prices might seem a little bit steep. However, their dedication to quality clothing, secondhand garments and wear-and-tear repair proves that the price tag is worth it for you and the planet.

Patagonia Action Works provides environmental grants to organizations that fall into five categories: land, water, climate, biodiversity and community. BWB has found organizations based in NYC for each category that you can support, each inspired by a Patagonia look to match.


Land conservation is one of the most important aspects of environmental preservation. Enter The Natural Areas Conservancy, which “exists to restore and conserve the green and blue spaces of New York City in order to enhance the lives of all New Yorkers.” What’s on their to-do list? Nothing much — just planting trees, rebuilding dunes, growing native plants and constructing a 25-year plan for forest management. Volunteer at or join one of their upcoming events to enjoy NYC’s wildlife and ensure that it is here to stay.

Organizations like Natural Areas NYC are responsible for bringing about a wind of environmental change. Prepare for gusts of progress with a windbreaker, such as Patagonia’s Skyforest Parka.


Surf’s up! Hit the waves with the Surfrider Foundation, a grassroots organization striving to protect our oceans and beaches. Several critical factors endanger the quality of our oceans and the well-being of underwater species. For example, rising sea levels, oil spills and plastic pollution damage aquatic ecosystems more and more each day. Despite this, we’re not doing a very good job at protecting it. In fact, only 3% of US waters are fully protected marine areas.

Surfrider Foundation is a coalition of chapters that engages in programs and campaigns throughout the US. For instance, you may find them cleaning beaches, protecting oceans from pipelines or engaging in youth education. One such program is the Ocean Friendly Restaurants program, which provides sustainable seafood suggestions after you’ve exhausted our recommendations.

Patagonia isn’t all jackets and jumpers. In fact, they also have an extensive selection of bikinis, swimsuits, wetsuits and protective gear for riding the waves. For instance, our recommendation for your next underwater adventure is the Nanogrip Bikini. This suit is not going anywhere no matter how much your body moves — and hopefully, the ocean is here to stay, too.


Carbon Sponge uses soil to soak up the planet’s number one culprit for climate change: greenhouse gas. In other words, this interdisciplinary community of artists, scientists, activists and teachers believes that carbon belongs in the soil instead of the atmosphere. Through extensive research and partnership, this organization is redefining gardening and composting. As such, they teach others how to not only monitor but decrease their carbon footprint. Watch out for their book release event on April 23rd at the Patagonia SoHo location, where author Brooke Singer will unveil Carbon Sponge: A Guide To Grow Carbon in Urban Soils (and Beyond). However, do check out their website for any event changes in the coming month!

All this soil talk might make you wonder how you can garden and compost, BWB style. Luckily, we were able to find these Garden Island pants in a beautiful, BWB-friendly shade of pink. The breathable hemp material makes it a perfect garment to keep in your closet for summertime!


NYC’s ecosystem predominantly consists of pigeons, squirrels, trains, people, taxis and skyscrapers. Unfortunately, the natural environment requires a little more biodiversity than that! Biodiversity is an important element that regulates the cyclic functions of a particular ecosystem. As a result, NYC H₂O is an organization that aims to protect our local water ecology. Operating predominantly through educational initiatives and public programming, NYC H₂O compels individuals to step up and advocate for public policies that protect historic reservoirs, parklands, watersheds, bays, rivers and wetlands — oh my!

When we think of biodiversity, we think of an environment rich with animals, plants, landscapes and colors. As such, BWB chose a Patagonia staple with lots of color combinations and patterns: a lightweight fleece pullover! Fleece is a fabric often guilty of environmental endangerment since it is made from nonrenewable resources and sealed with chemical protectants. However, Patagonia sticks to recycled polyester fleece to keep your body warm and your spirits up.


Nothing says community like gardening! Unfortunately, community gardens are rare gems to find in the middle of a cosmopolitan paradise like NYC. However, El Sol Brillante is a community garden located in the East Village that strives to bring locals together from the ground up. In fact, we live in a place that tends to grow buildings more often than it grows produce. As a result, supporting neighborhood gardens not only helps to grow fresh produce and eliminate waste through compost, but also to build close-knit communities that give NYC that small town charm it often lacks.

Inspired by the sunny name of this community garden and educational resource, we plucked a bright pair of shorts from Patagonia’s extended size collection. You can’t have a community without inclusive sizing!

If you are a member of an organization that you think would make a great Patagonia partner, apply here to get funded! If you’re looking for more ways to just get involved, click here!

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