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Cilantro & Chlorella Detox Side Effects (& Common Solutions)

If you are worried about the side effects of doing a heavy metal detox using supplements such as cilantro and chlorella, you are not alone.

Some people may experience uncomfortable side effects after ingesting even a small amount of these plants – while others breeze through the detox without so much as a headache.

In this article, we will show you how to minimize some of the most common side effects of heavy metal detoxification using chlorella and cilantro.

The Detoxifying Benefits of Cilantro & Chlorella

Supplements such as cilantro and chlorella, can help accelerate the process of heavy metal detoxification, as well as keep your body strong and healthy while you’re detoxing.

Multiple studies have shown that chlorella can be very effective at helping remove heavy metals (as well as other harmful compounds) from the body.

It has also been found to lower the heavy metal toxicity of the liver, brain, and kidneys.

In addition, chlorella has been shown to enhance the immune system response in both human and animal studies, making the detoxification process less taxing on your body.

Cilantro offers similar benefits for those looking to detox heavy metals from their bodies.

It has shown to enhance mercury excretion and has lead to decreased lead absorption in certain human and animal studies.

A small amount of cilantro (4 grams) can also fulfill 2% of your daily Vitamin C needs and 5% of your Vitamin A needs.

Cilantro & Chlorella Detox: Common Side Effects

Despite the many benefits of using cilantro and chlorella to supplement your detox protocol, you may encounter some unpleasant side effects during the detox process.

Common side effects of a heavy metal detox

During the detox process, your body is working very hard to rid itself of dangerous toxins and reset your whole system.

That’s why some of the most common side effects of a heavy metal detox include:

  • Headaches
  • Gas and bloating
  • Bowel movement disruption
  • Skin irritation
  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings
  • Cravings

Some people may also experience restlessness, anxiety, and even insomnia.

In some rare cases, you may encounter flu-like symptoms such as low-grade fever and sinus congestion.

Pushing through these uncomfortable symptoms can help you give your body a “reset” and improve your overall health and well-being.

However, if the side effects become too severe, or last longer than a week or two, consider checking in with your doctor and taking a step back from your detox protocol.

Chlorella-specific side effects

If you notice any of the following side effects within the first few weeks of your detox, chlorella is almost certainly the cause:

  • Green discoloration of the stools
  • Skin sensitivity to sunlight
  • Intense bowel symptoms (stomach cramping, gas, diarrhea)

Some people may also experience allergic reactions to chlorella, including asthma attacks or other breathing problems.

In addition, chlorella has known interactions with immunosuppressants, as well as warfarin (a drug used to slow blood clotting).

Cilantro-specific side effects

Most cilantro-specific side effects are related to food allergies.

These may manifest as hives, facial swelling, and throat swelling after consuming cilantro.

Cilantro may also cause hives or itching after coming in contact with the skin.

Cilantro also has moderate interactions with anticoagulant/antiplatelet drugs and photosensitizing drugs.

How to Avoid Common Detox Side Effects

Check in with your doctor

We recommend that you consult with your doctor before beginning any detox protocol.

You may be allergic to a particular supplement, and not know it!

Your doctor may also have additional suggestions for making the detoxification process easier on your body.

Introduce supplements slowly

Start with a small dosage of your chosen supplement (about 1/10 of the recommended dosage) and work your way up.

It will help your body adjust to the changes as well as give you a chance to spot any allergic reactions or troubling side effects.

Keep your dosage in check

There is insufficient scientific evidence to determine the maximum safe dosage of either chlorella or cilantro.

While both supplements are generally safe to take, err on the side of caution and consult your doctor if you’re worried about consuming too much.

Give your body plenty of support

Your body is going to be working very hard during the detoxification process.

Eating well, staying hydrated, and engaging in moderate exercise will help you keep it in tip-top shape and come out of the detox feeling better than ever.

Sleep (more than you’re used to)

Sleep plays a vital role in the normal functioning of our bodies, as well as the detox process.

If you’re feeling sluggish and fatigued, try to squeeze in an extra hour of sleep whenever you can.

Listen to your body

While detoxing heavy metals from your body is important for your overall health and well-being, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying life.

If the side effects are becoming too much to bear, stop the detox process and reevaluate your chosen detox method.

Final Thoughts

Almost any detox protocol is going to have some side effects,but you can mitigate them by implementing your detox protocol slowly and supporting your body during the detox process.

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