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Your Natural At-Home Manicure with Kure Bazaar with Co-Founder & Artistic Director Kartika Luyet

Kure Bazaar co-founder Kartika Luyet shares her best tips for keeping your hands and nails in tip-top shape at home. 

There’s something about a freshly painted set of nails that adds the perfect finishing touch to any look. We use our hands for just about everything, so it follows that we should take extra good care of them whenever we can. Unfortunately, for many of us who enjoy a good manicure, most nail polishes are full of harmful chemicals. Kure Bazaar is the exception.

Multicultural fashion model Kartika Luyet couldn’t ignore this issue any longer once she became pregnant. Following her commitment to start making healthier choices, Kure Bazaar was launched in 2012 – an 85% natural nail polish brand that is free of four of the most toxic chemicals. Whether you’re going for a classic nude or a daring burgundy, rest assured that the well-being of your natural nails will not have to be sacrificed for a beautiful coat.

As we continue quarantining, this is the time to perfect your manicure skills and to give your dry hands some extra TLC! Here are Kartika’s tips for keeping your hands and nails in tip-top shape at home.

How would you recommend removing our nail polish like an expert?

First and foremost, refrain from scratching or filing the polish before you completely remove it! When it is time to take it off, wet a few cotton squares with a couple drops of natural polish remover (try to avoid anything with acetone). Apply the cotton square on your nail with some pressure and leave on for ten seconds. Then, remove the cotton square and discard in a container so that the remover does not evaporate in the air. Repeat until all nails are polish-free and then wash your hands with mild soap.

What products should we use so that our family does not complain about the strong smell of regular nail products?

I like to use our 100% natural nail polish remover, L’Eau Dissolvante à la Rose. The oil base of this product allows it work effortlessly and effectively, with a touch of floral essence instead of a harsh chemical smell – so no one can complain at home! After using this product, I apply a bit of Kure Bazaar Baume à la Rose. This balm helps to regenerate and nourish the nail. You can use this product on your lips as well to moisturize, or on your temples to relax before you go to sleep. It is my magical little product!

What would you suggest to repair dry skin from washing our hands constantly?

After washing your hands, always apply a hydrating and nourishing cream afterwards—even if you have to do it 20 times a day! This is the only way you will repair the lipidic hydro film of the skin. Also, make sure you wear gloves for all household chores and apply some shea butter cream or a little bit of olive oil before you put the gloves on.

What tools can we easily order these days to do our very own at-home manicures?

We recommend the Kure Bazaar Natural Manicure Ritual made with organic shea butter. In the kit, you will find a pair of gloves that has been saturated with our hand and nail cream treatment. After ten minutes, cut the glove at the end of each finger to work on your cuticles with the wooden stick provided in the kit. Finally, massage the hands with the remaining cream and your home manicure is done! In the evening, you may apply a bit of Huile Biologique à Cuticules – a fortifying oil for cuticles. Just apply a few drops with a brush, and then massage each nail for a few seconds. This will repair the nails and prevent damage.

Do you have any suggestions for readers who could not remove their gel manicures before nail salons closed?

Unfortunately, there is not much one can do about that. The best advice is to keep from trying to remove it yourself. Wait for the nail to grow naturally and cut as it grows. In case of emergency, it is possible to order a gel nail polish remover kit online but be very careful when using this product because of the acetone it contains; use it outdoors.

Alicia Zhang

Originally from Los Angeles, Alicia lived in Shanghai for 11 years before moving back to the states to attend the University of Miami, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and minors in art and philosophy. Currently residing in New York City, Alicia applies her knowledge of strategic communication and design in her career. She enjoys painting, rugby, exploring, and more often than not, you’ll find her petting someone’s dog.

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