“Few women come from a beauty pedigree like Clémence von Mueffling. She grew up in the offices of French Vogue — both her mother, Lorraine Bolloré, and grandmother, Régine Debrise, were beauty editors at the iconic magazine.

But it is not the shiny offices that were paramount in her beauty education (although they didn’t hurt). No, Mueffling learned everything she knows today directly from her mom and grandmother, forming a dynamic beauty trio, if you will.

And while most of us succumb to the same age-old beauty advice from our mothers (like washing our faces and how a good lip can dress up any outfit), not all of our mothers are giving us stretch mark cream at age 13 (a true story for Mueffling).

With Mother’s Day coming up, Mueffling — who has twins of her own — reveals everything she learned from her French beauty dynasty (plus a few things she has picked up on her own along the way).”


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