If ever there were an expert on French-girl beauty, New York author/online magazine founder/mom Clemence von Mueffling is it. She grew up in Paris learning beauty secrets from her mother, Lorraine Bolloré, and her grandmother Régine Debrise, both editors at French Vogue. Von Mueffling first worked for companies like Clarins and Dior, then became a beauty journalist herself. “My mother and grandmother taught me in their inimitable French way that beauty is an attitude, a way of taking care of yourself,” says von Mueffling. “Self-care is important, and it’s not about vanity—it’s about self-confidence.” Today, the three still share beauty tips. “My mom and grandmother are beautiful examples of French women not looking for perfection but trying to become the best possible version of themselves, outside and in, at any age,” she says.

Von Mueffling married a New Yorker; had twins; created an online magazine, Beauty and Well-Being; and last year, came out with the brilliant Ageless Beauty the French Way, a book packed with beauty secrets culled from her family’s considerable brain trust. Her rules for how to look and feel French—and beautiful at any age—align with our own beauty ethos: Focus on your health and great skin, great hair, and everything else will fall into place.


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