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Youthful Skin Begins in Your Youth

There is something to be said for learning from the generations before you and using their knowledge to teach the next generation good skincare habits. 

As adults, we spend many days thinking about our skin and how to care for it– but did you ever ponder your skincare routine as a child? Probably not. Like most wellness practices, skincare is always better started earlier in life. As a young girl, my mother encouraged me to develop good skincare habits and I am now reaping the benefits of a glowing complexion as an adult.

I still remember her teaching me that fresh fruits and vegetables would make my body feel and look great, and that beauty always began on the inside. My mother showed me how to treat my face gently and wash it every night. I watched intently as she lovingly applied serums and creams to her body. My mother laughed sweetly when I copied the gestures of her hands with my own, and these precious moments helped me develop a meaningful love for self-care in all its modes: kindness, respect, skincare, and wellness.

There is something to be said about learning from prior generations and passing on lifetimes of skincare knowledge.

In Ageless Beauty The French Way, BWB’s very own Clemence von Mueffling emphasizes the importance of teaching our children how to care for themselves. There is something to be said about learning from prior generations and passing on lifetimes of skincare knowledge. Make a healthy skincare routine your family heirloom!

As a mom and skincare specialist, I have discovered some must-have skincare products from brands that my mother used as well as brands that are new to me and my child. Hopefully, these products will fit into your family routine and help your children to develop long-lasting skin care habits for generations to some.

For facial cleansing…

Collosol Milky Wipes are delicate, quick, and easy for any child to use themselves. They throughly remove any oil or residue from daily activity, as well as any makeup your teenager may be using.

A body cream your child will not run away from…

Avène’s Skincare Oil is not greasy, sticky, or itchy. The oil glides on and penetrates immediately to eliminate dry, itchy skin in an instant.

When it’s time for simple exfoliation and hydration…

Naturopathica’s Oat Cleansing Polish gently removes dead skin cells with oats and jojoba oil, while their Calendula Essential Hydrating Cream heals and balances sensitive skin by hydrating and protecting it.

A solution for safely addressing acne…

True Botanicals Clear Collection products help the body rebalance and heal itself. True Botanicals prides itself in using only natural, organic, and pure ingredients. This line eradicates acne without using any harsh chemicals, and instead uses ingredients such as black willow bark extract and olive leaf extract to reduce inflammation and target the core sources of acne.

Because sunblock is an everyday skincare step…

Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50 is not irritating and absorbs into the skin upon contact without any white residue. It is such an easy product to use, so your children won’t fuss over sunblock application in their daily routines.

At the end of the day, safe, simple, straight-forward products speak most to children. Help them learn about their individual skin needs along the way, and they will continue to follow in your wellness footsteps on their own.

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