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Parisian Beauty Favorites at 20, 30-40 and 50-60

Three Parisian beauty editors tell us about beauty in your 20s, 40s and 60s and share their favorite products for looking good at any age.

For this special Paris issue, 3 Parisian women and beauty experts ranging from age 20, 40 and 60 will share their favorite beauty products.
An ‘au naturel’ look is the fruit of hard labor. How to take care of yourself while giving the impression that you don’t care.
Golden rules: Avoid too much foundation – there is a whole range of other products that are better. Don’t wear too much makeup, too many colors or too many accessories.”
‘How to be Parisian: love, style and bad habits

In your 20’s

1- By Terry – Hyaluronic face glow The tinted transparent base that blends perfectly with your skin allots a flawless “second skin” without covering it up too much.

2- Trish McEvoy – Lash curling mascara. A revolutionary mascara that gives Betty Boop-like lashes you can remove with warm water and the tip of your fingers. Ideal for active women who don’t have much time to take off their makeup every day.

3- YSL- Touche Eclat. For pimples or dark circles, the Touché Éclat is the perfect pen you can keep in your pocket and use any time.

4- Smashbox- Photo finish foundation primer.SPF20 A dollop of primer on your face will give your skin a peach-like texture that both protects in and makes putting on your makeup easy.

5- Guerlain – Terracotta 4 seasons A must for any French girl. The shine and glow of the 4 Seasons terracotta is a necessity for a healthy glow all-year long.

6- Caudalie- Parfum Divin A blend of rose, musk and vanilla for any young woman with a strong personality, empowering her with every spritz.

7- Chanel- Glossimer #108 Constellation Colored lipsticks are always tricky to apply. The light pink glossimer is glossy but not sticky so you can reapply it all day or all night long.

8- Monoi – TIARE In the middle of the winter freeze, we all dream of summer, am I right? Add droplets of Tahitian Monoi oil with a scent of Tiare behind your ears or on your skin as a naturally sweet-smelling moisturizer that will bring you back to summer.

9- Essie Nail polish – MOCHACHINO & GO OVERBOARD Colors Break the rules of the traditional manicure! Color the pinky of one hand and the ring finger of the other hand in Mochachino and use Overboard for the other 8 nails.

In your 30’s and 40’s

1. At this time of year I stop using light moisturizers for thicker textures.
The new Caudalie 1er Cru is perfect.

2. Mascara: YSL babydoll With just a few strokes, you have long and beautiful lashes, even if you are not a makeup pro. (Sephora)

3-Concealer: Touche Eclat is a magical product, but when you are really tired and the circles under your eyes become a rainbow of colors ranging from red to purple, green and blue, applying a touch of YSL concealer first will make a huge difference – I promise. (Sephora)

4. Nail Polish: whether you want a clean and “go anywhere” look or a more “femme fatale”-like appeal, Kure Bazaar has the perfect color for you!
These days I use only Sakura.

5- Not matter what foundation or powder I use, the most important thing for me is the final touch to give the perfect finish.
I love Mac pink ovals M∙A∙C Cosmetics All Blending Sponge

6- To keep a perfect glow all year long, I use the magic self-tanning wipes by Comodynes.
Apply in the morning for a healthy glow all day long. Or apply two days in a row for a more sun-kissed effect.

7- In your 30’s, and even more so in your 40’s, you long for that glow you had in your 20’s. I find that a touch of Temptu on my cheekbones adds the perfect youthful shimmer.

8- Keeping your body well moisturized is one thing, but adding a touch of body oil is a game-changer.
It gives a satin finish look to your skin and at the same time keeps you smelling divine.
Nuxe has the perfect one!

9- Never go to bed without taking off your makeup. A good facial cleanse can actually become a very pleasant and relaxing ritual if you have the right products.
REN has a lovely make up remover. I love to alternate with Dermalogica microfoliant and finish with a toner. This routine is a small price to pay to keep your skin healthy!(dermstore-skimlinks)

10- Perfume is a must in any Parisian woman’s beauty vanity!
Honoré des Prés has a line of very “clean” perfumes. ‘Vamp à NY’ suits me perfectly as a French woman in NY. (detox market)

In your 60’s

If I am not totally faithful to creams and make-up removers’ brands, there are some products I have been using for a long time and they became staples of mine.

I use an ampoule of Ingrid Millet Perle de Caviar Bio-Marine Extract for my complexion and I get an instant boost.

The Touche Eclat by Yves Saint-Laurent is perfect for erasing the imperfections of the skin. It’s a magic wand of sorts, and comes in many nuances to match your skin tone.

As a treatment for my face and neck, I favor Nu Skin ageLOC Gel. I apply it 1 to 3 times a week with the help of a magical little device called Galvanic Spa System II. The galvanic system helps the skin absorb the facial gels. The gels dramatically reduce wrinkles and provide an instant boost and firm look to your skin.

I always use the cream Cicalfate by Avene for minor irritations of the skin. I apply it to my lips and any dry surface of my face. It’s one of the essentials.

As far as make-up is concerned, I have discovered Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel-Crayon. It is particularly easy to apply and doesn’t smudge.

For my complexion, I use Bobbie Brown Bronzing Powder (more red than brown shades). Healthy look guaranteed.

I first apply the foundation cream Shiseido in a Natural shade for the winter and Honey shade for the summer, and then apply the Bobbie Brown powder.

I use Sens’Eyes by Make Up For Ever as an eye make-up remover all year long.

I find the line Moroccan Oil excellent for the hair. Both shampoo and conditioner work perfectly and gives you shiny hair with volume.

Finally, there is a little a secret I’d like to share with you regarding perfumes… Perfumes with an “s” since there is more than one! I am faithful to Lady Million by Paco Rabanne but I have a perfume cabinet with scents that can fit my moods and give me a boost if I am feeling blue: L’Heure Bleue by Guerlain, N 5 by Chanel or Vent Vert by Balmain (I own the vintage version) are little treasures that work as time travel aids!
They carry images, landscapes, memories of people that are or have been in my heart.
A drop on my skin and they are back for a few seconds of magic and soul healing.

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