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summer body creams

6 Summer Body Creams our BWBest off !

Avene, Caudalie, Tata Harper, Red Flower, Sanitas and Darphin are our 2014 selection of best natural body creams.

Summer is in full swing!
I hope you are enjoying it by paying a little more attention to your body and how it looks and feels.
This summer I am making an effort to lighten up on the toxins in my life.
The season’s simpler rhythm is the perfect time for looking at what I eat, my environment and my beauty products.

Since body creams are applied on most of our skin’s surface, choosing creams that are paraben free is an easy way to support your body’s natural defenses against pollutants.
Thankfully, there are many modern skin care lines that are packed with active anti-aging ingredients and also take a more natural approach without parabens.
Try these 6 lotions and creams—some for day, some for night.
They’ve all delighted my senses and left my skin glowing.

1. Avene After-Sun Repair Lotion has saved me after spending too much lazy time on the beach. It reminds me of fresh, crisp lemon water. It goes on light but keeps my skin soft until my next shower. Capric triglyceride, an extract of coconut oil, and fatty acids help reverse sun damage. Safflower seed oil and soybean extract soften the skin and lock in hydration.

2. Red Flower Italian Blood Orange Moisturizing Body Lotion contains aloe, apricot kernel oil, avocado and coconut butter. The orange essence is lovely and leaves me feeling calm while reviving my skin. I enjoy applying it after a bath in the evening.

3. Darphin Nourishing and Firming Velvet Cream uses buckbean leaf extract to regenerate cells. Willow bark extract is an anti-inflammatory and caffeine improves circulation. This balm is luxurious and makes my skin feel and look firmer.

4. Caudalie Vine Body Butter makes my skin feel like morning dew with an added hint of a sweet grape aroma. It has grapeseed polyphenols for anti-oxidants, grapeseed oil to nourish, and shea butter to repair and renew.

5. Sanitas Vitamin C Lotion is a great regenerating cream. It has vitamin C to stimulate collagen and beta-glucan to promote healing. Barley extract and hyaluronic acid leave the skin soft and supple. I like to use this at night as a restorative treatment.

6. Tata Harper Fortifying Body Lotion is light, airy and feels clean. This is perfect for our hot humid day. The aloe feels cool, borage and alfalfa soothe, and argan oil makes my skin feel weightless.

This is a great collection of body creams to mix and match for your skin’s needs and your mood.
Consider using different products day and night as we do for our face.
Wishing you healthy skin all summer long,

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