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Kartika Luyet co-founder of Kure Bazaar

Meet the Swiss-Indonesian super-model turned eco-green beauty, behind the chic and eco friendly Kure Bazaar nail polish line.

Meet Kartika Luyet, Swiss-Indonesian super-model turned eco-green beauty, behind the chic and eco friendly Kure Bazaar nail polish line, which the whole fashion world is talking about. No wonder it is a hot topic: Kure Bazaar makes our nails look fabulous while being replenished, all due to its super natural ingredients!
Today, Kartika shares with BWB her beauty and wellness secrets all the way to the finger tips.

BWB: What prompted you to create a natural nail polish line?

It all began when I was pregnant with my son 10 years ago. I had this “awakening,” and I started to be more and more conscious of what I was putting in my body.
I chose to eat organic as much as possible, and then I also drifted to making better cosmetic choices.
As much as I love nail polishes, during the first months after the birth of my baby, I naturally stopped wearing them – I couldn’t seem to find an alternative to a classic nail polish, which would guarantee longevity and offer a range of nice shiny colors too.

Years passed and I was still indirectly searching for that less-toxic nail polish.
That’s when I got together with one of my closest friends (who happens to be in the cosmetics industry… for over 20 years) and we seriously started to look into a solution for this problem… and I’m sure you can imagine the rest of the story!

After years of research (and lots of patience!) we finally won this challenge. It is unbelievable to have a nail polish remover that contains no smell of solvent whatsoever.

BWB: Nail polish removers can be very harsh for the nails: we heard the exciting news that Kure Bazaar nail polish remover was just launched?

Absolutely, and we are so very excited about it!
To tell you the truth we started this project at the same time we started our nail polishes. It took so much more time as we were faced with difficulties in making the formula; we wanted it to be 100% natural AND odor free (and we were not willing to make any compromises).

So after years of research (and lots of patience!) we finally won this challenge. It is unbelievable to have a nail polish remover that contains no smell of solvent whatsoever; I am sure there will be lots of happy husbands out there!

We launched 2 different varieties:
A la Rose – Hydrating – for all nail types – it contains rose water with no essential oils (great for pregnant women).

Bamboo & Ginger – Repairing – contains mint essential oils to repair brittle and damaged nails.

Kure Bazaar

BWB: What’s a perfect manicure/pedicure for:
– the day / the evening?
– the winter / summer time?

  • During the day, the light is the main element so bright and vibrant colors come to life in such a beautiful way…especially during summertime.
  • During the winter, the nudes and milky beiges are great classics, but I also like the “cozy & comforting” colors such as Cashmere (a soft gray) or Tea Rose (a dark vintage pink).
  • During the evening I believe your polish becomes a true fashion accessory and making good color choices can really compliment a look and flatter an outfit. In general I opt for darker shades, especially on the feet.

I am very proud of our “Clean” base coat which smooths out small imperfections making nails look super healthy… it’s phenomenal – a must try!

BWB: Your secret for a long lasting manicure?

For me the 3 essential steps for a long-lasting and perfect polish are:

  1. Washing your hands with a gentle soap beforehand; there should be no oil/cream or any moisture on your nails when applying polish.
  2. Wear a base and topcoat – it truly gives a longer life to your polish (I am very proud of our “Clean” base coat which smooths out small imperfections making nails look super healthy… it’s phenomenal – a must try!)
  3. Last but not least (and no matter how in a hurry you are!) always let the first coat dry completely before applying the second coat (and apply thin coats!).

Obviously, the results are even better after a nice manicure, with cuticles cleaned and nails filed.
To refresh your polish, 2 days after a manicure, apply a coat of “Final Touch” (one of our top coats) it revives the shine and gives that extra boost.
Also remember, try to be super gentle with your nails!

BWB: Which nail polish colour would you take with you on a desert island if you had to choose one?

To contrast with the color blue all around me, but also because it is one of my favorite colors of our palette, the Rouge Flore – a shiny & radiant red with a touch of orange for a luminous effect – sexy, yet chic and feminine. It was the first color we created so it also remains very close to my heart!

Kure Bazaar

BWB: What are you other favorite beauty brands (skin care, makeup, fragrance)

I love to try new products so I continuously change things around, but the one thing I am very loyal to is my perfume: Vamp à NY by Honoré des Prés – I can never get enough of it.
Other products I love:

  • Hair: Leonor Greyl – from their shampoos to their masks & oils…
  • Face: Tata Harper – I absolutely adore their Restorative Eye Cream. I use Egyptian Magic as a night cream. I also use Konjac Sponges.
  • Body: Tonic Body Oil by Clarins – right after my morning shower on wet skin. Super hydrating, wakes me up and makes me feel so good!

BWB: What’s always in your handbag?

Apart from my phone (+phone charger), wallet & glasses – in terms of beauty: Lip Balm (right now Fresh – Sugar) Hand Cream (right now Grown Alchemist) and a mist spray “Beauty Elixir” by Caudalie that I always carry around with me, especially during my travels. It refreshes me during the day and the smell and feeling you get out of it is addictive!

BWB: What’s your beauty secret?

Apart from trying to live a healthy life , I pay particular attention to my complexion.
I gently exfoliate and use masks according to my needs (hydrating masks when my skin feels thirsty, purifying clay masks for a deeper cleanse, “express” masks before a night out etc…).

Also, I find the choice of the foundation really important, contouring, shading, lighting is actually what takes me more time while doing my make-up. Complexion is for me the base of it all.

BWB: A beauty “faux-pas” to avoid?

Chipped nail polish and undefined eyebrows. Eyebrows are like the frame of the face and while some people have them naturally defined, others need a little definition – but on the other hand, too much plucking results to another beauty “faux-pas”.

BWB: This month is a ‘Special Sleep’ issue. Do you have a special routine to sleep even when you travel a lot for work?

I always need to find a “transition mode” before going to sleep. I find it difficult to jump in bed and try to fall asleep immediately.
When I am at home I usually read in bed with a herbal tea by my side, which puts me in a relaxing state and naturally puts me to sleep. Once my eyes are shut, I sleep through the whole night and I usually wake up feeling restored with lots of energy.

BWB: Your favourite place for:
a healthy lunch? Café Gratitude – Los Angeles
a glamorous evening? – Paris – Hotel La Reserve
a special dinning experience? – Pier Chic – Dubai

BWB: Your next project?

We are in the process of working on our line of organic nail, hand & feet care… I cannot wait for you to discover it!

Mélanie Bird

While enjoying working at the United Nations as political affairs officer, Mélanie’s lifestyle is all about wellness, hedonism and seeing life through the eye of beauty. She loves sharing her passion for healthy lifestyle in a holistic fashion. She believes beauty and happiness come from within. “Life becomes magical when you feel and see beauty and new possibilities around“. She is also a certified health coach and yoga instructor.

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