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Madison Headrick posing by sea

A Weekend with Madison Headrick

“We are all books with different chapters and I’m not on the same chapter of my life as anyone else.” 

A Charleston cutie turned high fashion mogul, Madison Headrick started at the top and stayed there. Since her runway debut at Prada’s 2012 fall show in Milan, she’s graced covers of Vogue across the globe from the UK and the US to Paris and Latin America. If you can’t make it to see her walk for Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren, catch her on her YouTube channel! Get ready with her, travel with her, do a face mask with her– or stick around with BWB to spend the weekend with her.

Vogue Paris, May 2019
What does it mean to you to be an empowered woman today?

To me, an empowered woman today is one who is independent and unapologetically herself. A woman who speaks her mind and does whatever it is she sets out to do without worrying about others’ opinions. A woman who focuses on herself and her own passions/goals.

Who is the woman you most admire?

My mother. I may be biased, but I think she’s the most incredible, caring, and selfless person on this earth. Through the hard times and the great times, she has always been there to wipe my tears and say the things I needed to hear. My mom has always been my biggest cheerleader. She makes sure to put my brother, sister, and I before everything else. You will never walk away from her without a full heart and belly. She has taught me how to be strong even at times when I feel small and that gift is one I most admire. I look up to her in so many ways and hope to become at least half the woman she is.

How do you use your social media platform?

With my Instagram, I tend to show more of my work life and my travels, as these things seem to interest my followers most. I do also post about health, wellness, and skincare since I am very passionate about these things, but I dive deeper into those categories on my YouTube channel. I’m more definitely more open and myself on YouTube, as I feel that video diaries and vlogs are much more personal.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In ten years from now, I will be 35 which is scary to think about since I don’t even know what I’m doing next week. For seven years now, I’ve been living an unexpected and extremely busy life. Between travel and work, I never know my schedule until the week of! Thinking about ten years from now sounds almost impossible, but having my own company is a very big goal of mine. I also hope to be a mom to some kiddos and maybe some more English Bulldogs :)

How do you think women are changing the fashion industry as we know it?

The fashion industry has seen a lot of controversy and change for the better in the past few years. It’s amazing to see how women have used their platforms to come together and promote healthy lifestyles and body image. Each body is different, therefore healthy looks different on each body.

Although this sounds logical, this is only a recent development in thought. Many women, specifically in the fashion industry,have risen up to higher positions to change the stigma of what a healthy body means or looks like. I think these steps have created a lot of positive change in body image and a lot more space for the right role models. Who knows a healthy woman’s body better than a powerful woman?

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received…

My father always says “live life deliberately,” and it has been engraved into my mind. It’s simple, but so powerful. Have goals, and take the necessary steps to reach them. If you sit around and just let life happen, you can’t make dreams come true and you’d be taking the easy way out. More than likely, you’ll end up being a complainer (which is my biggest pet peeve). The most rewarding feeling is reaching a big goal that you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Your favorite shoot…

That’s so hard! I’ve been involved in so many incredible shoots with inspiring creativity, on-set friends that became family, and beautiful locations. My proudest shoot would have to be my Vogue Paris story with Inez and Vinoodh. I’ve always dreamed of working with them, and it only made it more unforgettable to do so while wearing beautiful clothes by Emmanuel Alt and running around the Carlyle Hotel.

Your most memorable fashion show…

Hands down, my first show: Prada. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing and the whole experience was a sensory overload. It was so special witnessing Pat and Guido transform me into a sort of fashionable avatar. It was an eye-opening experience and one I will never forget!

Your mantra for success…

Drown out the noise. Focus. Never look to others to compare your self. We are all books with different chapters and I’m not on the same chapter of my life as any one else. I think it’s especially easy for models to look at others and think: “Why not me? Why is she getting that campaign and I’m not?” If you focus on your book and your book only, you will blossom in so many more ways. You will find peace in your boring chapters and grateful happiness in your exciting chapters.

Your pre-show ritual…

I always listen to music on the way to a show and before lining up. It puts me in a good mood and calms my nerves.

Vogue Latin America, April 2019
YOUR CITY: Charleston, SC
What you love most…

The southern hospitality for sure! Everyone is warm and inviting, and they make you feel at home in Charleston even if it’s your first time there. The food is next-level as well, and the beaches are incredible.

Favorite afternoon café…

Second State Coffee.

Go-to lunch place…

Home Team BBQ on Sullivan’s Island.

A night on the town…

Start the night with a drink at Uncork, then head to Cocktail Club, and don’t go home without stopping by The Pour House rooftop.

Must-have skincare products…

Orchid oil and myrtle powder from l’Officine Universelle Buly in Paris! I mix them with honey and do a mask with it once a month; it has completely changed my skin! I also use the orchid oil in my hair when I notice it is getting dry or damaged from work, and every night on my skin as well. I’m also a big fan of 111SKIN masks – they work miracles. Recently, I’ve discovered Drunk Elephant products and love their message, packaging, and the incredible serums.

Favorite makeup products…

Lancôme mascara, always and forever. Clé de Peau is the only concealer I trust.

Favorite Perfume…

Chanel Gabrielle.

How you stay active…

Working out with my trainer, walking with my dog, pilates, hiking/biking when on vacation.

The one product always in your bag…

A disposable film camera.

Feature Image Credit: Rowan Papier

Teresa Deely

Teresa Deely is a graduate from Columbia University with majors in English and Creative Writing. She is a freelance writer and marketing assistant working for clients in the wellness, jewelry, creative, and sports industries. She believes that one’s skin is yet another canvas and vehicle for art, and has loved styling her hair and applying makeup from a young age. Spending much of her time in educating youth and leading enrichment programs for children, she is highly motivated in discovering new ways to care for herself and sharing them with others.

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