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6 Innovative Beauty & Wellness Goods to Try Now

Looking for a new product to add to your self-care routine? These genius innovations are anything but ordinary.

In our modern age, technology is constantly evolving—from gadgets and gizmos to beauty and wellness goods. Brands are thinking outside the box and breaking from the mainstream to create products that are worthy of an eyebrow raise. Here at BWB, we’ve rounded up six brands that have recently released a genius innovation. These are the movers, the shakers, and the bold ones who are daring to be different. After all, change is the spice of life!

1. KILIAN: Le Rouge Parfum Scented Lipstick

There’s nothing like the power of red lipstick. It can amp up a look instantly, and effortlessly. Kilian, the brand best known for luxury fragrances, has ventured into makeup with a line of six “Le Rouge” highly pigmented red lipsticks in matte and satin finishes. What sets them apart? In true Kilian fashion, they are scented! Each bullet is made with a blend of gourmand and floral notes, a harmony of neroli and vanilla. It’s a special treat and mood booster, and the formula lasts up to 10 hours. The lipstick itself, which is covered in the brand’s emblematic Achilles shield motif, is described as an ornate “objet d’art.” Founder and creative director, Kilian Hennessy, is the heir to a family of cognac makers who believe that fine details—like scent—makes a world of difference.

2. CLARINS: PORE-LESS Blur and Matte Stick

Think of this beauty savior as a real-life Instagram filter. As the name implies, it blurs and mattes skin, keeping pores and oiliness at bay. The light pink product, made with organic strawberry tree fruit extract, has an uplifting sweet scent and an ever-so-delicate powdery finish. A quick swipe across your T-zone and any shiny areas of your face goes a long way. Plus, the portable size makes it easy to toss in your bag to touch-up as needed. This vegan product isfree of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, and even the packaging is made with recycled materials. Good for you and good for the planet: a win-win and an essential to add to the “Don’t Leave Home Without” list.

3. FILORGA: NCEF-Night Mask

For many of us, sleep is a luxury. It may seem like a miracle to get the proper amount of shut-eye in such a fast-paced world, which takes quite a toll on skin. That’s where the Filorga NCEF (New Cellular Encapsulated Factor) Night Mask comes in. It’s made to act as an antidote for sleep deprivation and tired, stressed skin. Created with powerful, skin-reviving ingredients, the mask helps prevent wrinkles while boosting firmness and radiance. The soft pink formula has a creamy, matte consistency that surprisingly melts into the skin within a few minutes of application. Pure magic. Don’t forget to add a thin layer to your eye contour area and décolletage!

4. FUR: Ingrown Hair Eliminator Mitts

Fur has been a much-talked-about brand as of late. Founders Laura Schubert and Lillian Tung created the brand in 2016 in order to open up and change the conversation about body hair. The products are made for everyone, no matter how much—or how little—hair you have. Among Fur’s newest launches are the Ingrown Hair Eliminator Mitts which target hair removal aftercare. The mitt has a heavy-duty, cloth-like material infused with a serum that helps treat and prevent irritation or bumps. Dermatologically and gynecologically tested, the non-toxic mitts refine hair growth and smooth the skin. The product is designed to be versatile and can be used for brows, underarms, lips, chin and bikini line. To make life easier, it comes individually wrapped in a box of 12, so you can also take it with you while traveling.

5. CANNUKA: CBD Healing Skin Balm

Say hello to sweet relief from the aches and pains of wearing high heels. Cannuka CBD Healing Skin Balm contains two superstar natural ingredients: Cannabidiol (CBD, derived from hemp) and Manuka honey. In addition, the formula is created with other good-for-you ingredients including grapefruit essential oil, hempseed oil, Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, orange peel butter, and rose hip oil. Use the product anywhere from the soles of your feet to your face, lips, cuticles, and elbows. It can also ease chronic skin conditions caused by skin inflammation (think eczema, psoriasis, and acne). Twist open the cap and you’ll find that the balm is solid at first touch—it warms upon contact and transforms into a silky texture. Massage the product anywhere that needs a little extra pick-me-up.

6. KOSAS: Tinted Face Oil

Speaking of innovators, Kosas is all about taking non-traditional approaches to beauty. The startup, launched in 2015 by Sheena Yaitanes, recently released a tinted face oil to take a step up from classic foundation. Combining makeup and skincare, it’s like nothing we’ve seen before. Different from a tinted moisturizer, CC cream, and BB cream, this product includes six active botanical oils to hydrate, tone, brighten, and strengthen skin. It provides buildable coverage and comes in a range of 10 shades that have been optically blended to match 30 different skin tones. It’s also worth knowing (especially if you have sensitive skin) that this product is free of gluten, egg, nut, and soy. Apply it as you would a serum or moisturizer; then breathe in, breathe out, and ahh, enjoy the moment of self-care.

Wendy Sy

Wendy Sy is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle writer based in New York City. In addition to her editorial website, Style Meets Story, her work has been featured in Allure, Avenue Magazine, InStyle, and more. When she’s not brainstorming ideas for upcoming articles, you can find her spending countless hours searching for lost treasures at vintage shops. Photo by Sophie Elgort.

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