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Bringing You A White Christmas

We’ve selected a series of radiantly white beauty products whose magical effects will boost your holiday spirit in no time.

This time of year may be a bit warmer than usual, but at BWB, we are still dreaming of a white Christmas. Over the past months, five beauty and wellness companies have caught our eye. We’ve selected a series of radiantly white beauty products whose magical effects will boost your holiday spirit in no time. Together, they will have you greet guests with a graceful confidence and noticeable glow. By the time you’ve indulged in this collection of essentials, no one will know that planning parties and baking feasts wasn’t as effortless as you’ve made it look.

Decléor harnesses the power of essential oils to create brilliantly natural skincare solutions.

It takes a mere ten minutes for their sheet mask to erase signs of exhaustion and restore your natural color (and then some). Key ingredients include Jasmine Absolute, known for its ability to relieve stress, anxiety and fatigue. With a formula that produces instantaneous results, Decléor’s sheet mask will make you fall in love with your complexion all over again (available January 2016).

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Filorga’s Time Zero Serum gets its name for its ability to stop time (on your face).

This serum attacks facial wrinkles from four different angles. First, it uses hyaluronic acid-based ingredients to plump deep-set wrinkles for a filler-like correction. Then, to address fatigue and stress, the formula combines NCTF and matrikiness to regenerate skin tissue, before relaxing the face with two kinds of peptides. Finally, to fade the really fine wrinkles, glucolactone and marine extracts work to reverse the irreversible. With Filorga, every product is made with carefully crafted intention. This is just one of many, many favorites we have discovered from this trustworthy brand.

Supergoop! Wants you to have fun in the sun, all the time.

They remind us how easy it is to forget that, though we may not be lounging on the beach, the sun and its harmful rays still shine down on our bodies every day. Both kid and adult friendly, Supergoop! produces everything from hand cream to lip balm in sizes convenient for carrying around in your purse. Try their foundation, anti aging cream, or their family sunscreen, too. When it comes to sun protection, Supergoop! has got you covered. Literally.

Gloss Moderne Shampoo will make your hair the happiest it’s been in a while.

Just one mini-shot of this shampoo is enough for your hair to shine, clean and buoyant atop your head. With products 100% free of sulfates and parabens, Gloss Moderne has worked with world-renowned chemists and beauty experts to engineer a formula featuring the latest technology with unbeatable efficacy.

Made by Riley is the perfect, comfy clothing brand for the winter.

It’s unique not only for its style, but also for the causes that it benefits. Since its start, Made by Riley has formed partnerships with charities focused on human rights, education, and cancer prevention. So whether you’re baking in the morning or snuggling up by the fire by evening, you can slip on a token sweatshirts or toasty joggers and feel good about the giving back to the world. That’s some fashionable change, I’d say.

On our photo discover the beautiful perfumes from Sulékó.

We love the Sulékó Scented Orchid – a porcelain sculpture designed to delicately diffuse any of the Sulékó perfumes and extend the scented journey into the intimacy of your home. ($350)
The porcelain sculptures were designed as visual and tactile representations of each scent. Each Sulékó perfume describes a personality, a state of mind. The line is made in France, but inspired by Slavic Art and culture.
Journey through the snow-covered forests of Siberia with *Albho-, through the endless fields burned by the summer sun with Djélem, through a beautiful park in the morning of springtime with Vy Roza, or a dark forest in Fall with Baba Yaga.
The collection is available at and also at Yuta Powell in New York City /Palm Beach.

So, if you are missing the snow this season, don’t fret – we at BWB have got you covered. After pampering yourself with some of these wonderful products, a white Christmas will no longer be the stuff of dreams.

Lani Allen

Lani Allen is a graduate of Columbia University’s Non-fiction Creative Writing program. After serving as Vice President of her class for two years, she contributed written pieces and illustrations to many on-campus publications. As a writer with a passion for beauty, Lani enjoys capturing the stories of innovative thinkers and risk-takers shaping the industry as we know it.

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