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Top Best Beauty and Wellness Apps

We have come to rely on our smart phones for just about everything, so it is no wonder that when it comes to beauty and wellness, we turn to our devices for counsel.

The following 5 apps deliver doctors, skin care support, organic beauty products, healthy reminders, connections to beauty reviews, and the newest technology available through your phone.



Spruce, your online dermatologist, is an app and website that connects you to a practicing, United States dermatologist. A visit is $40, which is significantly less then most office visits. One simply submits a photo that is guaranteed secure and private. A diagnosis and personalized treatment plan is provided, as well as prescriptions which are sent to your pharmacy of choice. After the appointment, you may follow up with your doctor ask him or her questions and seek support. Common concerns such as acne, eczema, anti-aging, psoriasis, rashes and even bug bites, may be addressed, directly through your phone. Say goodbye to long office waits and hello to results.


Musely is a free, green, natural, and organic lifestyle network app. With Musely, you can access tips for beauty, skin & hair care, health, fitness, home, nutrition, baby, food and drink & more… just pick your preferred categories and helpful advice will flood your phone. You can even explore new brands and make purchases directly from the app. With Musely’s sample box, pick 5 samples for $7 and explore all you like. It is very easy to get lost in this app.


iHydrate is a daily hydration-tracking app with personalized design and function. It connects to the Apple watch and Apple health apps, which allows users to thoroughly keep track of water intake and adapt the app to their own needs. After creating a personal profile, choose whatever you want your daily intake goal to be – even track other drinks. iHydrate sends reminders and is visually attractive, which make it more fun to use. Since drinking water is essential for a healthier being, anyone can benefit from this app.


Veleza, a community of beauty lovers, is the perfect app for people interested in skin care and make up who also love sharing their thoughts and reading other like-minded people’s opinions. Through feedback of other users, get personal recommendations for new products you may have not have otherwise known about.

The app also scans product bar codes to compare prices and find other published information on the item of interest. Veleza is the ideal way to become part of a community that loves to share and receive information on everything beauty.


Preemadonna, literally brings beauty to your fingertips. This nail art app created a 3D printer called The Nailbot, which connects to your smart phone and prints art directly onto your nail bed. We know of many Nailbot parties happening across America. This app is the coolest – and fastest – way to decorate your lovely nails.

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