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Pour Moi Beauty: Climate-Smart Skincare

Skincare formulas tailored to your climate

We have all experienced the challenge of altering our skin care regimens according to season or travel destinations. Extreme changes in climate and time zones, in addition to environmental stress can leave our skin sensitive, dehydrated, and unbalanced. Thankfully, French brand Pour Moi Beauty designed four sets of climate-driven day creams that address our skin’s needs, no matter the temperature, altitude, humidity or any other environmental factor that may stress our skin.

The three step process of Pour Moi’s “climate-smart skincare” includes a Hydrating Balancer to balance the skin after cleansing and being exposed to a different quality of water than what it is used to. Next, their serum is packed with peptides, botanicals, hyaluronic acid and white truffle extract to produce anti-aging properties as well as reduce inflammation and create a healthy skin barrier.

Finally, the last cream will lock in hydration and sooth and protect the skin. Depending on your location and your skin’s needs you may choose from:

Polar Climate, which uses squalane oil to combat transepidermal water loss during the cold and dry winter months, or while you are playing outdoor sports.

Tropical Climate saves your skin from hot and humid days, using coconut acid to remove irritants from your pores to keep them clean and clear.

Desert Climate addresses high temperatures, low humidity, wind, and air conditioning. Squalane oil protects against hydration loss and seaweed extract firms the skin.

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Temperate Climate is the day cream for more moderate weather, or for when you are not quite sure which cream to use, as it benefits all skin types. It also includes the common thread of ingredients that are found throughout Pour Moi, including peptides, botanicals, and white truffle extract.

Allow your skin to travel through time zones, extreme weather conditions, and anything in between. Thanks to Pour Moi, you can trust it will remain healthy, hydrated, and glowing all the while.

feature photography by Avi Richards

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