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Lavender Bath Dr. Hauschka

This product from Dr. Hauschka offers a sense of enveloping protection when combined with warm water, while the Almond and avocado oil will gently moisturize your skin.

I recently tried Dr. Hauschka’s facial and fell in love with this soft delicate ritual.
I started by cleaning my skin with warm wet towels that had been infused with Dr. Hauschka Lavender Bath.
The soothing and relaxing scent of lavender takes me back to the beautiful region of Provence.

Lavender Bath has since become part of my home ritual.
I soak a small towel in the sink where I have placed a few drops of Lavender Bath.
Then I slowly wash my face, after applying a mask, starting from the nose to the external parts of my face.

This routine is perfect after a long day in preparation for a recovering night.

Anne-Sophie Devouassoux

Anne-Sophie is a French born adventurer who grew up skiing, dancing and cooking. She started making her own beauty products at age 17 and since then has been passionate about health, beauty and nature. She lives in New York City where she practices yoga and meditation and enjoys the eclectic restaurant scene of the city. As a teacher she is very curious and loves learning new skills.

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