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Juara Coffee & Creme A Great Start To Everyone’s Day

I must admit that I am not big on using body scrubs in the shower. They are always a tad bit messy and my loofahs and favored shower gels handle exfoliating my skin just fine.
That is until I was introduced to Juara, an amazing skin care line founded by four women.
Their philosophy originates from their Indonesian heritage combining an East meets West approach on how we care for our skin.

Their Invigorating Coffee Scrub is made of walnut shell powder and fresh roasted Indonesian coffee and is mixed with rice bran, candlenut, avocado and carrot oils. The aroma is as intoxicating as your favorite java spot and the results left my skin feeling stimulated and much softer than my loofah ever did. I followed with the Candlenut Body Creme, which also uses candlenut oil and is packed with essential fatty acids.
This combination is a great start to anyone’s day and has converted me to a body scrub believer.

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