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Family Sunblock Made Easy

When the weather is postcard-perfect, we may want rush outdoors to enjoy the endless blue sky and warm beams of daylight, however as a first step, applying sun screen daily is essential. For women, this added step has become very convenient by way of the available foundations, tinted moisturizers, and even face oils that come equipped with SPFs. However, it becomes complicated when you become responsible for protecting your children from the sun, as well. Considering that most sun damage happens before the age of 18, and just a few serious sunburns can increase your risk of skin cancer, it is crucial that we instill in our children the importance of applying sunblock for all extended outdoor activities. Keeping in mind safe and fun ways to protect everyone having fun in the sun, I found a few BWB-approved family-friendly options for the nice days to come.

Snapper Rock Swimwear

Snapper Rock UV50+ Swimwear will forever change the way you think about UV clothing. When they noticed the lack of fashionable sun wear in the marketplace, they did something about it. All of their clothing has a UPF (ultra violet protection rating) of 50+, which blocks 98% of all rays. They achieve this by way of the fabric’s density, and by choosing to use specific fibers. We at BWB love their Kaftans and are feeling pretty fashion forward in their rash tops. You’ll no longer have to bribe your kids to wear tops with their suits, considering how cool they actually look… Snapper Rock may even convince you to show off matching family outfits at the beach this summer.


Supergoop’s modern approach to sunscreen products will get you excited about applying sunscreen this season. The Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen Mist With Vitamin C SPF 50 is a first to market non-aerosol mist that you can apply to wet or dry skin. Based in grape seed oil and combined with various citrus-based oils, the formula has the powerful anti-oxidant benefits of vitamin C.

Also, brand new this month, Supergoop is launching Super Power Sunscreen Mousse SPF 50. Its Blue Sea Kale, Shea butter, avocado oil, and olive oil will leave the whole family’s skin so soft you may want to use it even when you’re not in the sun.

We also love their Sun-Defying Sunscreen Oil with Meadowfoam SPF 50, as well as the Lip & Cheek Treat SPF 40! They give us ladies a bit of luxury while providing anti-aging protection.

Babo Botanicals

Babo Botanicals has perfected a safe sunscreen in spray form with their Sheer Zinc Sunscreen SPF 30! The formula is made with 100% Non-Nano zinc oxide, so the zinc is unable to penetrate the bloodstream. Also featuring chamomile, watercress, and calendula, this combination sprays on effortlessly without any white residue.

So as your child runs towards the waves, a quick spray is enough to protect their skin, no need to rub in. Babo also has beautiful new lip tints with an SPF 15 and moisturizing organic Shea butter, avocado, and jojoba oils, which provide protection and a pretty pout.

Badger Balms

BADGER, a family run business, has been making safe, family friendly products since 1995. Their Kids Tangerine & Vanilla Sunscreen Cream SPF 30 is simple perfection with just six ingredients: non-nano zinc oxide, sunflower oil, beeswax, sea buckthorn, orange peel oil, and vanilla fruit extract.

It is 100% certified natural and 98% organic. We also love their face stick with the same ingredients and the Baby Chamomile & Calendula SPF 30.

Babytime! by Episencial

Babytime Sunny Sunscreen by Episencial is a lovely, safe sunblock that is easy to massage into your baby’s skin. Fragrance free with an SPF of 35, it uses titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for UV protection. Aloe Vera Flower and Organic Green Tea extracts along with Sunflower, Meadowfoam, and avocado oils are soothing, hydrating and cooling on your little one’s bodies.

Excited about safe fun in the sun? Embrace the brilliant rays knowing that the whole family can use this collection of wonderful products. By forming good habits and leading by example, we can help future generations enjoy warm, sunny days without worrying about the consequences.

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