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Dior Hydra Life get your glow

Get your glow with Dior’s new natural skincare line

It was a sunny afternoon in New York City when I met the scientific director of Dior Beauty at the elegant Four Seasons hotel. There, the glamour expert revealed his new vision for the skincare industry: reducing global-impact while preserving a simple beauty ritual that produces the most vibrant skin.

The answer lies in Dior Hydra Life, a collection of nine brand-new products made with 90% natural ingredients, free of silicones, petrochemicals, parabens, and allergens. They are also keeping their eco-friendly promise with cellophane-free, recyclable packaging.

With this elegant and responsible line, Dior is taking glamour to the next level. In collaboration with the Human Microbiome Project, they have also begun a study of the Skin Flora, the fourth and top layer of the skin. Protecting, balancing, and maintaining this layer is the secret to glowing skin.

Eager to sample their revolutionary formula, we tried the Glow Better Fresh Jelly Mask. With a smooth, luxurious feel, the gel and apricot kernel extracts gently polish and clean for an impeccable finish.

Dior Hydra Life is a new generation of products designed to showcase your natural beauty.

Taylor Johnson

Taylor is a recent honors graduate of Rhode Island School of Design’s Painting and Art History Department. A dual-citizen in Belgium and the U.S. with frequent wanderlust, a passion for editorial, and an affinity for sketching, she is now exploring the connection between art and beauty.

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