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BWB Buzz: 2019 Lip Awards

Here are some of BWB’s best lip buddies of the season, from moisturizing protectants to chic, demure rouges.

Thank you lipsticks, thank you lip gloss, thank you lip stains, and thank YOU lip balm! Thank you for giving me a reason to smile with my luscious lips each and every day. This is an ode to all the lipsticks that have made my lazy makeup looks pop, to all the lip balms that have nursed my winter lips back to health, and to all the lip glosses that have satiated my glitter gluttony with a sparkly shimmer. Since there are always multiple lip products in my bag, it’s difficult to choose the real MVPs— but I’ve surely tried my best. Here are some of BWB’s best lip buddies of the season, from moisturizing protectants to chic, demure rouges.

Muah! This one’s for you, lipstick.

Kosasport LipFuel

This minty-fresh lip balm glides on so smooth that it is love at first swipe. Sometimes balms clump up on my lips or leave me feeling sticky, but Kosasport LipFuel sets and softens the lips instantaneously with konjac root and hyaluronic acid. Whether you stick with the clear translucent balm or explore tinted options in beige or pink, you’ll want to bring this with you just about everywhere you go.

Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner

If you’ve always wanted supple lips that smell like rose petals, you’ve come to the right place. With a soft nude hue and a glossy finish, this lip product is perfect on its own or over a lipstick. While the conditioner may initially apply thick and sticky, the trick is to apply it generously at night and wake up to the lush lips of your dreams.

L:a Bruket Lip Balm

This product may be shaped like a glue stick, but it isn’t sticky in the slightest. Beeswax, almond oil, and coconut oil team up to combat inclement winter conditions and seal the lips with protective moisture. Packed with plenty of organic ingredients from the west coast of Sweden, this balm gives your lips a hydrating dip in the North Sea all year round.

BUXOM Boy Babes Full-On Plumping Lip Polish Gloss

If your lips need a natural boost, this sparkly gloss plumps up your pout with a tingly sensation. Formulated by “boy babes” and beauty gurus of the LGBTQ+ community, this product is a limited edition treat for Pride Month. For the classic BWB pink, I love the shade Samuel, which is a rose-tinted gold shimmer formulated by @makeupbysamuel.

Clarins Jolie Rouge Gradation

For extra hydration, prep your lips first with the rosy Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector or the sweet-smelling Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil. These products give your lips a moist and supple base, but they are also perfect for layering on top of a lipstick. The slick and smooth surface makes for a luxuriously plump canvas to apply the Joli Rouge lipstick, which is designed with a built-in gradient. The coral shade is a perfectly gentle splash of red for summertime, and the mango oil guarantees lasting moisture to accompany your pop of pigment.

RODIN olio lusso Luxury Lipstick

Trade in your deep reds and maroons for shades with levity and brightness, like RODIN’s Luxury Lipstick in Tough Tomato. RODIN’s signature ingredients include jasmine and neroli oils, so your pretty pigment is also packed with plenty of hydration. This creamy lipstick has a matte finish that prevents over-drying with Vitamins C and E. If you’d prefer a more subtle pink, opt for So Mod— or get them both and blend your own creation!

Clarins Rose Water Lip Stain

For a vibrant coat that won’t “kiss off,” the Clarins Lip Stain is a hydrating lip treatment and matte lip color all-in-one. You can alter the intensity of your shade by applying as many coats as you’d like, but I normally apply a single coat and wait about thirty seconds before gently dabbing my lips with a napkin for a light and natural rouge. Even though the formula is 77% water-based, the color is strong and long-lasting. The matte finish doesn’t dry out lips, but rather softens and nourishes them.

Fenty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

Rihanna said she designed this “stop-everything, give-it-to-me lip gloss” so that girls would get kissed more. With a to-die-for peach & vanilla scent, your lips will smell so good that you’ll even want to kiss yourself. BWB loves the Diamond Milk shade for a translucent shimmer to layer over our favorite lipsticks. Channel your inner Bad Gal Riri with plumped-up, dewy lips and a sparkly shimmer to the gods.

Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo

Everyone loves a good lip crayon, and everyone loves a reliable nude shade. Try Influencer for a deep rose beige on summer days when you’re playing it a little more natural and low-key. The lightweight formula gives you a silky, soft finish packed with plenty of hydration. Leave the mimosas at brunch, and nourish your lips with mimosa oil instead!

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