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Beauty from Sweden’s Seashores Exploring L:a Bruket

From the modest shores of Sweden arise natural skincare products with not-so-modest results.

From the modest shores of Sweden arise natural skincare products with not-so-modest results. Founded by husband and wife duo, Mats Johansson and Monica Kylen, L:a Bruket was born from nature. In their day-to-day lives in Varberg, Mats and Monica experienced the phenomenal healing effects that come from the land, sky, and sea. When their skin needs weren’t being met, they knew the market was lacking these natural touches. So, they set out to provide innovative yet organic solutions. Instead of offering a quick, temporary fix, they developed products that train the skin to gradually perform better in the long run. Defined by quality, function and purity, L:a Bruket’s collection is an escape from the hectic urban landscape that sometimes swallows us.

How was the idea for L:a Bruket born?

The birth of the brand came from being unable to find the skincare products I needed living on the coast of Sweden. The brands I encountered had far too complicated solutions. Skincare should be simple and understandable; using less ingredients but of outstanding quality. Products should be competent enough to do the job, give an outstanding user experience, and look really good!

Walking along the coast of Varberg every day, I experienced nature’s healing powers firsthand as I dealt with rain, sun, wind,sea salt, and seaweed. These 200-year-old coastal remedies provided the perfect base for the healthy and outstanding skincare concept that I needed, which was very different from anything else available at the time. I was determined to incorporate this immediate connection with nature into my products.

In what ways do you draw on nature for inspiration for your products?

To me, everything in the brand is about nature. When looking for inspiration, we explore our environment. Through textures, aroma, and sensation, our products transport you into nature through a sensory experience. We strive to avoid anything synthetic or artificial.

Which L:A Bruket products would you recommend to a new customer?

To experience what the brand is really all about, I would go for the Sea Salt Body Scrub (especially the Sage/Rosemary/Lavenderversion) for an instant at-home spa experience! This exfoliating treatment is a relaxing yet energizing experience, with a wonderful aromatic kick! Shower, scrub, rinse – and you are good to go.

For your face, I would definitely choosemy personal favorite: our Broccoli Seed Serum with Seaweed Extract. This superfood serum penetrates deeply and is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and nutrition. As a result, it imparts a natural glow, calms micro-inflammations, strengthens skin resilience, and protects against environmental stress (which causes 85% of our skin aging).

Another unisex favorite is the Fennel Seed Face Wash, which contains algae extract. It is a very mild, hydrating, and refreshing face cleanser with an unexpected aromatic experience. The cleanser acts slightly astringent and increases elasticity.

In your opinion, how does Swedish beauty differ from American beauty?

Beauty varies with each brand and philosophy. In general, I think the Swedish functionality, simplicity, and connection to nature shapes us and our solutions. Other cultures and philosophies tend to prioritize technical development or specific ingredients that uniquely characterize their brands and products. In some markets, brands conceptualize their products around surface-level effects; instead, we try to provide solutions for feeling beautiful which are built on a holistic philosophy of overall wellness and skin health.

Your top 5 must-see/must-do in Varberg?
  1. Walk the coastal beach in the wind and rain for contemplation.
  2. Enjoy a sauna and skinny dip in the ocean all year round at Kallbadhuset by the old fortress.
  3. Have a seaweed bath at the local spa.
  4. Spend Christmas Day surfing in the snowfall.
  5. Enjoy dinner on the beachat John’s Place.
In your everyday life, what do you do to bemore eco-friendly?
  • Recycle
  • Bicycle
  • Eat organic
  • Own organic gardening
  • Reduce meat intake
  • Consume consciously
What can we expect to see next from L:ABruket?

We have so many ideas yet to be developed, some of which are on track for launch. For the fall, we will present new scents in various products, a range of face oils, skin type-specific facial travel kits and more!

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