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The Holidays healthy, beautiful and stress free!

Every year it’s the same. Beautiful lights decorate the city stores, Michael Buble‘s songs set the tone in the background and we feel the urge for hot cocoa and romantic comedies.
But, for some mysterious reason you end up rushing to get last minute presents (actually all of them!) in crowded stores and cold winter weather, only to compensate for the running around by over-indulging in sweets and all the goodies that the holidays offer.
Then you feel guilty and try to cut back on all food – both good and bad – and start the year exhausted.

Here are a few tips to make sure you enjoy the end of year celebrations without putting on pounds or losing your mind.

1) Start a list.
First, if you feel overwhelmed with the size of your shopping list, try to start earlier (early November) and keep a list of gift ideas for your loved ones. By thinking about it with a serene mind, you will avoid the craziness of the last minute “not so good” presents and will save money.

2) Now that you have a list, try to shop online and save time and money rather than running around from store to store. By getting the packages delivered to your home, it almost feels like Christmas already.

Explore Christmas markets. They’re usually full of local goodies and fun stocking stuffers.

3) Explore Christmas markets.
Not all shopping should be done efficiently. Take the time to explore outdoor markets with your close friends and family. They’re usually full of local goodies and fun stocking stuffers.

4) Breathe
When you’re stuck in a long line waiting for the cashier to open up, when you’re cold and start to feel your muscles getting stiff or when you’re about to drown yourself in a delicious chocolate box, stop and breathe deeply! There is a good chance that stress makes your breath shallow and decreases your energy level.

5) Don’t quit the good habits.
It’s not because you travel and sit at a dinner table with friends and family that you should quit the good habits you established throughout the year. Keep exercising, go for a stroll after meals, drink plenty of water (not icy cold, it will affect your digestive system) or offer yourself two to three sun salutations to keep vitality flowing. Further, don’t skip breakfast. That will make you more prone to over-eat later on.

Enjoy! It’s all about savoring pleasant company and delightful meals.

6) Enjoy! It’s all about savoring pleasant company and delightful meals. Always choose quality over quantity. If you feel like eating chocolate, select a dark, organic one. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied and you’ll avoid overindulging. If everything on the table looks appealing, then try it all in small portions. Most people tend to shovel food without chewing enough and wake up with a painful, acidic stomach. Appreciate good conversation and help the host. Cleaning up plates will be greatly appreciated and will be a good time to step away from the table.

7) Moderation is Key
Without trying to alarm you, the size of your stomach and by extension what you can eat is more or less the size of your palms clasped together. It’s not a lot. Try to keep this conceptin mind before going for that second round of bread pudding. Drink plenty of water in between glasses of wine and skip the bread and butter.

8) I feel terrible. Help!
If you took the time to eat and drink mindfully (or so you thought) but still wake up with a dreadful headache, slight nausea and the feeling that you couldn’t survive one more of your funny uncle’s jokes, act fast.
You should start with an Alka Seltzer, which helps to reduce the amount of acidity in your stomach and overall in your body.
Drink a lot of tea (mint is best) with a dash of honey to hydrate and get your energy back.
Eat a little bit. Try an avocado with sprouts and tahini.
Gently massage your head and face using the tips of your fingers with a mixture of coconut oil and lemon essential oils to regain vitality (or Lavender for calmness).
Finally, put on some pretty lipstick to boost your confidence and enhance the smile you offer the world. That’s the best present of all!

Anne-Sophie Devouassoux

Anne-Sophie is a French born adventurer who grew up skiing, dancing and cooking. She started making her own beauty products at age 17 and since then has been passionate about health, beauty and nature. She lives in New York City where she practices yoga and meditation and enjoys the eclectic restaurant scene of the city. As a teacher she is very curious and loves learning new skills.

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