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Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

From beautiful apps to travel-friendly accessories, there’s a sleep-optimizing aid for everyone.

Hibernation doesn’t come naturally to all of Earth’s creatures. In fact, a glimpse of sunlight on a bright winter day often inspires us to work harder, not sleep longer. Thanks to technology, we have adapted to expect optimal performance, finding simple solutions to big problems: video-chatting loved ones abroad, moderating a new fitness routine with a handy exercise app, or booking last-minute appointments with a digital calendar and its charmingly musical alarms (just to take the edge off).

Still, without a good night’s repose, the daily hustle and bustle can leave us feeling overwhelmed and overexerted. Sleep plays a critical role in our lives, and yet, we forget that there are innovative devices designed to help us drift into the healthiest, most restorative sleep of our dreams. From beautiful apps and travel-friendly accessories, to powerful, atmosphere-enhancing machines, there’s a sleep-optimizing aid for everyone.


A comfortable bed, warm blankets, and soothing dim light sometimes just isn’t enough

  • OHUHU Night Light : This USB and battery powered night-light features a built-in projector and music-playing compatibility, which transform your bedroom into a real-life dreamscape! The unit is power-efficient and will automatically shut off just in time for you to fall into an easy slumber.
  • Drift-Light Bulb by Saffron : The Drift-Light is engineered to optimizes light conditions in any living space, creating an environment conducive to getting healthy sleep.
  • The Hammock : M.C. Escher once said, “only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible.” For the out-of-the-box problem-solver and unconventional explorer, studies show that a hammock’s natural curvature offers the gentle spinal and head support that is ideal for good blood circulation and deep, comfortable sleep. The gentle rocking may also encourage an overall sense of comfort. In addition to being a great home accessory, this stylish hammock is also a strong candidate for a power nap!
  • Philips Sunrise Simulator Lamp & Alarm Clock : With a sleek and modern design, this lamp eases you into sleep with sunset simulation, and gently wakes you up with a sunrise simulation and alarm feature.
  • Weighted Blanket : Surprisingly comforting, this made-to-order blanket is a great solution for the anxious sleeper. Combining excellent craftsmanship with the specificity of weight-engineering, this blanket simulates the calming experience of being hugged or cradled.
On-The-Go Optimization

Maybe Marilyn thought diamonds were a girl’s best friend, but she didn’t need too much beauty sleep!

  •  Sleepy MONQ” Portable Diffuser : Sleepy Monq is a travel-friendly pen-sized device that dispenses a perfect dose of essential oil vapors that you breathe in directly. The formula is a mixture of strictly clean essential oils – a great way to unwind for a quick nap!
  • Lavender Neck Pillow : Lavender features some of the most potent, prettiest purple petals in the world of relaxing aromas. While its natural essential oils and aroma-therapeutic properties help ease nerves, after a few minutes in the microwave, the warm petals relax tense muscles.
  • Bellabeat Sleep & Fitness-Tracking Jewelry : Boasting a stylish yet minimal design, the Bellabeat LeafUrban is a convertible accessory that not only tracks your sleep and physical activity, but also predicts how stress might hinder your long-term progress. In addition to offering you the educational tools you need to find your best sleep, the LeafUrban quantifies both the quality and time you spend in deep slumber.
At Your Fingertips

Beautiful apps with user-friendly designs to take with you wherever you go

  • Sleep Cycle & Sleep Cycle Power Nap : Sleep Cycle: Power Nap curbs any temptation to extend your snooze beyond the point of no return. As the name implies, Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep and analyzes its patterns in order to wake you during “light sleep,” a part of the sleep cycle during which you naturally feel more rested upon waking.
  • Sleep Bot : Consider this app your personal sleep-assistant. Equipped with a smart alarm, motion tracker, and sound recorder, Sleep Bot has all the tools necessary for giving you the best long-term sleep advice. As you explore your world of sweet dreams, trust this bot to guide your voyage and line up the healthiest travel-itinerary according to your preference.
  • Noisli : Imagine being sonically transported to a beach at sunset, the perfect breeze blowing gently like a sigh of relief after a long day. A creative take on the white-noise machine, Noisli helps you fall asleep by letting you create your own ideal sonic atmosphere. Now, that’s the stuff of dreams.

At the end of the day, sleep is a personal thing. Now that you are equipped with this select-menu of sleep remedies, choose your perfect cocktail of innovative apps, avant-garde gadgets, and inspiring atmosphere accessories. The best sleep for you is out there: if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Taylor Johnson

Taylor is a recent honors graduate of Rhode Island School of Design’s Painting and Art History Department. A dual-citizen in Belgium and the U.S. with frequent wanderlust, a passion for editorial, and an affinity for sketching, she is now exploring the connection between art and beauty.

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