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7 golden rules for healthy snacking

Cravings between meals – often due to fatigue, dehydration and stress – are unavoidable.
Being stuck behind your computer at work can often lead to “stress-eating” leaving you feeling (and looking) the worse for it…

Thankfully, you have the choice to opt for healthy snacks to get that much needed extra boost of energy.
Here are 7 golden rules for healthy snacking (which apply for regular meals too!)

1- Think ‘clean’ food. Prioritize vibrant + raw + vegan + gluten free food and try to avoid any overly-processed goodies: always check the nutrition facts and ingredients and stay away from any treats where you do not recognize the names of all the ingredients as it usually is a telltale sign that they contain nasty additives (such as carrageenan, xanthan gum etc.)

2- Never switch real sweetener for artificial ones: let’s face it, artificial sweeteners are just harmful to your health and have even been reported to increase cravings, which defeats the purpose of a sugar substitute…

Always check the sugar content in the nutrition facts

3- Keep your sugar and sodium intake as low as possible. A maximum of 9g sugar per snack should be your limit – always check the sugar content in the nutrition facts.

4- Relax, eat mindfully, become aware of and savor the aromas, flavor, texture and the taste of your food and chew it well even if it is a small bite or a liquid snack (like a smoothie): “chew your drinks…drink your food”!

5- Remember to keep hydrated and drink no less than 1.5 litter of water throughout the day and as far away as possible from meals as too much liquid while eating interferes with digestion…

6- Do yourself a favor: stay away from food which you do not like…it will leave you frustrated and result in more cravings soon after!

7- And last but not least: indulge in guilty treats once in a while, they will keep you away from cravings…just don’t reward yourself too much: it’s all about moderation…

Mélanie Bird

While enjoying working at the United Nations as political affairs officer, Mélanie’s lifestyle is all about wellness, hedonism and seeing life through the eye of beauty. She loves sharing her passion for healthy lifestyle in a holistic fashion. She believes beauty and happiness come from within. “Life becomes magical when you feel and see beauty and new possibilities around“. She is also a certified health coach and yoga instructor.

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