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14-Day Teatox

A detox plan that’s totally doable and effective.

Detoxifications terrify me. Have you ever done one? I used to imagine that it would necessitate hibernating from the rest of the world until it’s over. Because, one, I am not pleasant to be around when I’m hungry and, two, most social outings involve food or drinks. For these reasons, as well as one I’m less proud to admit to: I have little self-control, I never tried one. That is until I was introduced to Your Tea.

It’s a brand of tea with a range of blends for various goals. Examples include Skin Magic Tea to help improve skin, and Energy Tea to feel more energized.
I opted for Tiny Tea. It’s a detox blend intended to cleanse the digestive system.
It’s all organic, and also available gluten-free. The ingredients include various Chinese Medicinal herbs that are aimed to nourish and cleanse the digestive system of toxins. It is not a laxative tea, thank goodness!

You’re able to keep to your regular routine. In other words, you don’t have to starve yourself.

How it works. Unlike the other teas, Tiny Tea is designed as a 14 or 28-day program. You are instructed to drink it warm or hot (never cold!) 30-minutes before or after a meal, twice a day. You’re recommended to eat healthy, but you’re able to keep to your regular routine. In other words, you don’t have to starve yourself.

In my experience, Tiny Tea curbed my sugar and caffeine cravings (as it suggested it would). Which in large part is what I credit to the difference I noticed in my tummy looking flatter.
The ingredients are also expected to assist with bloating, weight loss, cellulite reduction, and indigestion.

Teatox Detox
Did it work for me? After just a few days I noticed a difference in my appearance and weight. Bloating was gone completely, and a few pounds disappeared from the scale. Naturally, I needed confirmation from others. So, I asked my sister, a couple of friends, and Nutritionist and Registered Dietician, Dara Godfrey to all give it a try. My sister and friends both experienced similar results.
Here’s the explanation Godfrey had to offer:

“Because of the teas, I drank so much more liquids throughout the day. It reminded me to hydrate before each meal which made me less hungry during mealtime.”

Godfrey added,

“It was also very difficult to remember to drink before each meal and not really practical for someone who eats out a lot.”

While I didn’t find this challenging and would even carry tea packets in my handbag when traveling, I did find it difficult to not drink the tea before bedtime (as you’re told not to do).
The big take away?

“At the end of the day, I don’t like promoting a drink to help you lose weight, but hydration in general can help fill you up, help with digestion and keep you regular,”

Godfrey says. I’ll drink to that!

Eliza is wearing Lululemon and is using Yoga Design Lab’s très chic, flowery yoga mats.

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