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Sweet Dreams

Let your mind be calmed. Close your eyes, and now to sleep!

The sky grows dark late afternoon, birds puff to stay warm in naked branches, the evening chill nips your ears and neck on the street. With a nose red from the bite of the air, all you can think about is hurrying home to a cozy bed.

We don’t blame you. With shorter days and bitter winds, our bodies feel like sleeping more – it’s cocooning season.

This week, we have selected three products to enhance your bedtime routine, allowing you a divine night’s sleep and a beautiful, rested start to your day.

Step #1: Talika Eye Decompress

This innovative sheet mask is a soothing remedy for tired, overworked eyes. Inspired by Asian relaxation rituals, the compressed mask reduces dark circles and puffiness and comes with a 10-minute virtual relaxation session with Iyengar yoga master Arnaud Caby. Scented with clean rose and cornflower, the Talika Eye Decompress will relax and refocus your mind as your eyes regain their natural brightness.

Step #2: Ren Pillow Spray

As we bustle about the city, shivering and eager to be home, our minds are on fight-or-flight to escape the polar temperatures. REN Skincare has the perfect solution for relaxing an anxious mind: the Ren Pillow Spray. A natural combination of essential oils, the spray includes Frankincense, hops, and lavender, all ingredients that have been used since ancient times to calm the body and aid a healthy sleeping pattern. Delivered in an adorable bottle, it is also the perfect travel companion for any restless jetsetter. Spray onto your pillow to collapse into its fragrant floral notes and let yourself ease into a mindless slumber.

Step #3: The Pillow by KateKlein

Waking up with an aching neck and groggy eyes is no way to start the day. The right pillow is just as important as a comfortable bed in determining how well you rest at night. For that reason, KateKlein has thoughtfully engineered a pillow with a set of unique qualities that ensure a deep and heavy snooze. Its patented fabric filters out common household air impurities, its airflow and moisture management features keep you cool and dry, and its multi-layered composition of down and low-density support material are both soft and supportive for your neck and head.

Sweet dreams, everyone.

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