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Desktop Superfoods!

The days of having a ham and cheese sandwich when powering through deadlines on your lunch break are long gone.
Instead the often-healthier, chopped salad is here to stay! (Our waistlines say thank you!)

Now enter the realm of the “super food”.
While massaged kale, local carrots and heirlooms of all varieties are all staples at the local salad refectory; we have yet to see many of these esteemed super foods hit the salad line.
A predicament easily solved by swapping out the desktop candy jars for glowing vessels of super-health!

A few of my favorite fixings (that also look gorgeous adorning your desktop) include crimson goji berries, snowy shredded coconut, golden flax seeds and bright green pepitas!
Sprinkle these on your salad, or as a breakfast booster, mix them into your quinoa porridge or chia pudding!

Disclaimer: Additions of super foods to your diet may cause sudden and intense urges to don on a cape and save the world.

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