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The Ranch at Live Oak cookbook

Since 2010, the Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu has been a hotspot for “A-Lister’s” looking to shed a few pounds.
Famous faces including Patrick Dempsey, Minka Kelly, and Julianne Hough have all checked in.

Now, the fitness and wellness retreat has released it’s first ever cookbook, The Ranch At Live Oak Cookbook 1
The cookbook is replete with 100 vegetarian recipes, along with nutritional information. The dishes are not only packed with nutrients, but the foods are anti-inflammatory, and, free of gluten, soy, dairy and sugar.

In the introduction, founders Sue and Alex Glasscock state,

“We created The Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu, California, to provide a special place for people to unplug, recalibrate, and educate themselves about well-being.”

At the end of the book, they’ve included a three-week meal plan to get you on your way to weight loss.

“Food should be part of our joie de vivre,”

says Christopher Krubert, M.D.

The recipes require minimal culinary technique, are full of nutrients and leave you feeling great and full of energy, he explains. Since the recipes are the same ones used at The Ranch, a home cooked meal will feel as though you’ve spent a week off the grid. Bon Appétit!

1. Rizzoli/Publishers; March 17, 2015

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