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When the shining new year rings
an alarm clock in your soul,
it’s high time you reform things
and so purge all that is foul.
Cheers to a fresh beginning!

A detailed plan must be drawn
to meet your ambitious goal
and now you will rise at dawn
to swiftly execute all
that must be acted upon.

You will ban from your kitchen
foods that upset your balance.
Sugar, dairy and gluten
you will expel to enhance
your energy and be zen!

Changing your eating habits
will also polish your looks
and transform you from hobbit
to princess of storybooks.
It’s about time you hit it!!

Strict exercise is en route
to exorcise frustrations
and fit in that power suit.
Mind in good disposition
is key to your grand pursuit.

Because you are intending
to improve relationships
that have been challenging,
you will have to calmly zip
words that can be harming.

Now you are unstoppable.
And can juggle all projects
that once were untamable.
How could you ever suspect
progress so obtainable?

As you bravely follow through,
your brand-new superpowers
will most certainly grant you
the approval of strangers
and of mother in law too!!

If all this sounds too unreal
why not simply seek it out
and strike with yourself a deal
of fresh foods and tough workouts
to self-consciously heal?

Claire Champy

Claire Champy was formally trained in Finance and pursued a career in asset management up until recently when she took a career break to raise her three children. Her hobbies are painting and writing. She paints acrylic abstracts and writes poetry in English and French, her native language.

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