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with Natasha Corrett Honestly Healthy

Honestly Healthy is more than a cookbook, it is a guide to promote balanced and healthy living.

Honestly Healthy is more than a cookbook, it is a guide to promote balanced and healthy living.
Its basic proposition is that we should eat mostly alkaline foods – broccoli, spinach, cashew nuts, citrus fruits like lemons … and restrict the amount of acidic foods – meat, dairy and processed foods.

The author’s approach of a healthy lifestyle is 70:30, (70% of the time alkaline foods and 30% of the time other type of foods).
We took time with Natasha Corrett, inspiring author and business woman to talk about her story, her favorite foods and London.

BWB: What made you change your diet?

I have always been healthy but I went Alkaline after I hurt my back and an Ayurvedic doctor suggested that I go on an Alkaline cleanse, as I was very acidic.

BWB: How long have you been following an alkaline diet?

5 years

BWB: How easy or difficult is it for city (and busy) women? Any tips?

It is pretty simple and straightforward; eat a predominately plant based diet with no wheat, gluten, sugar or processed foods.
However if this seems too farfetched for you, just add one green smoothie each day to your diet.

BWB: What foods can we always find in your kitchen?

I will always have things like tahini in my fridge to make delicious dressings, and baking ingredients as I have a sweet tooth and can make yummy cakes.

BWB: What are your favorite foods to indulge in?

Pizza and chocolate!

BWB: What foods do you recommend for healthy snacks?

Dips and raw crudités, a vegetable based green smoothie, or nut butter on gluten free toast which is always filling.

BWB: In London, what are your favorite restaurants for healthy eating?

When I go out for dinner I tend to not eat as healthy as I like to indulge in my 30% off. But, some amazing food I have recently eaten is at The Palomar and Nopi – I love Lebanese Persian food.
I just find that the food is much tastier that I cook, so I prefer to save up and eat at amazing restaurants.

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