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Sarah Wilson I quit Sugar Book

I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson

With her book I Quit Sugar, Sarah Wilson gives us a guide to cutting the sweet stuff from our own diet.

A few years ago, author Sarah Wilson developed an overactive thyroid, along with stomach and autoimmune problems.
She realized that she was eating a lot of sugar, was addicted to it, and was experiencing the symptoms of high and low blood sugar we all know about.

Wilson decided to stop eating sugar for a ‘two-week’ experiment. Not only did she lose weight, but she gained energy and was finally able to manage her thyroid condition.

Today, Sarah Wilson has eliminated sugar from her diet altogether, she is a best-selling author, a blogger and a wellness coach. With her book I Quit Sugar, she gives us a guide to cutting the sweet stuff from our own diet. In my case, and even if I am not ‘ready’ to quit sugar entirely, there are definitely loads of great tips in her book.

I have truly enjoyed reading it and it will help me reduce my daily sugar intake.
Not only is I Quit Sugar easy to read, but Wilson always adds great tips, scientific observations, lots of positive energy and hundreds of fructose-free recipes that are simple to make.

“More and More research is being done on the effects of fructose on our bodies. Studies have found for example that fructose inhibits our immune system, making it harder to fight off viruses and infections.” “Fat does not make you fat (sugar does).”

“Start eating from the NINE C’s OF GOODNESS. These are high-protein or high-fat foods that picked me up in some way. Cacao (raw cacao nibs). Chai. Chia. Cheese. Chicken. Cinnamon. Coconut Oil. Coconut water. Coffee.”

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